Borowicz will be making her second appearance at state track, and Kiel looks to make an impression at his first.

Emma Borowicz (So.)
300m Hurdles
Previous State Appearances
3200m Relay (2017) - 8th Grade
Section 8A Meet Place
300m Hurdles - 1st (47.26)

What was your experience in hurdles prior to this season?
Nothing at all. I really wanted to hurdle from seventh through ninth grade, but I never got the chance. I made myself hurdles out of PVC pipe at the lake to practice on, but that’s all [experience] I had.

Was it your idea or a coach’s idea to do hurdles this year?
Breanna [Kressin] was practicing hurdles in the hallway, and I decided to go mess around with them. Then [Harley] Stahlecker said, “You are hurdling this year.”

What is your appeal to hurdles?
I like the action of things. Running straight, sometimes, is hard, so having something there makes it a little more interesting.

Do only 300m hurdles suit you? Would you be as successful in the 100m hurdles?
No. My hurdling form isn’t the greatest, so 300m fits me well where I can run more.

Do you think about each hurdle as you approach it, or does muscle memory take over?
It depends. It’s different every time. It’s just wherever my stride falls, and then if I have to shorten them up or lengthen them out.

How often do you clip a hurdle while racing?
I hit about one a race. In Sub-Sections, I hit four. They’re not hard hits, they’re like nicks that slow me down. Right at the beginning, I fell a few times in the hallway. Then I went out to practice one Sunday, and I took a tumble. Never in a race though.

It’s been a long athletic year for you with state tennis, going to the Section Championship in basketball and now state track. Are you on your last legs?
It’s helped this year I haven’t had as many injuries as I normally do. I still got summer basketball too.

When did it occur to you qualifying for state track was possible?
Early on, I guess. I won the first race I was in, but that’s always been something that I’ve kind hoped for even before this, because it’s a race that has always interested me.

You are seeded ninth right now which would get you into finals if it stays that way. Knowing that, what are your goals going into this weekend?
Making it to finals would be really hard, but that would be a really good feeling. I’m just trying to cut off time and do my best.

Noah Kiel (So.)
100m, 200m
First State Track/Field Appearance
Section 8A Meet Place
100m - 1st (11.42)
200m - 2nd (23.14)

Which of your four Section events did you feel you had the best chance to qualify for state?
Probably the 200m, because I was ranked No. 1.

After the 100m prelims, you were in fifth. Did it cross your mind you had the chance to pass four people and win the finals race?
Not really going into finals, but it was nice.

In the first 25m of the 100m finals, you were in fifth place, so how did you find an extra boost to pass four people in such a short race?
I come out of the blocks pretty slow. Then I gradually get faster once I hit a groove.

How much of these sprints is a mind game and how much is it just your body taking over?
Once you get in the blocks, you think how you’re going to run it and how fast you’re going to go for everybody else to lose to you. Once you start going, you don’t really think. You just kind of go as fast as you can.

In these short races, what aspect do you think is the most important?
Especially in the 100m, coming out of the blocks.

You had run four times (100m prelims, 100m finals, 800m relay, 200 prelims) before the 200m finals. So how much did you have left in the tank for that race?
It was pretty killer coming into that 200m. I was pretty dead.

Knowing you were already going to state at the time of the 200m finals, did that take any pressure off your mind?
I still kind of wanted the 200m, because I was coming in No. 1. I kind of wanted to get that one too.

Is it more stressful to be in two state events or is it better since you have more opportunities?
Probably a little bit of both. It’s nice to have two events, so if you don’t do good on one, you can have a back-up. But you kind of exert your energy on one event sometimes.

Last year, Mason Wang was the main sprinter on the team. With him graduated, did you feel you needed to assume a leadership position for these sprinting races?
Kind of. [Head Coach Wayne] Folkers came up to me the first day and said, “You got to step it up now for the relays, because we need somebody like Mason to finish it.”

Is it intimidating to be at state as a sophomore? Do you see age when you’re at these track meets?
A little bit. It’s all when you peak. Some kids peak early, and some kids peak late.

Do you know what you want to accomplish at state?
Not really, but I just want to place and show that I belong at state.

Pirates State Track Schedule

Friday, June 7

4:05 p.m. - Noah Kiel 100m Prelims

5:25 p.m. - Emma Borowicz 300m Hurdles Prelims

6:17 p.m. - Noah Kiel 200m Prelims

Saturday, June 8**

4:45 p.m. - Noah Kiel 100m Finals

6:12 p.m. - Emma Borowicz 300m Hurdles Finals

6:50 p.m. - Noah Kiel 200m Finals

** Borowicz and Kiel must either finish in the top two of their respective preliminary heats or land in the next best five times to advance finals. **

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