The girls placed first as a team, and the boys took third.

WARREN - In this Sub-Section 31A Meet, an athlete can advance to the Section Meet by placing in the top four individually, or a relay can finish in the top two. Such was the case for 15 Pirate individuals and four relays, who all advanced to the Section 8A Meet, the second level of the postseason. After the meet, it was discovered an additional three individuals and one relay made it to sections with a wild card appearance.

    Although no entire team can advance as a result of team standings, the Pirates girls brought home the championship with 138 pts, six more than second-place East Grand Forks. The boys snagged third with 110, 26 shy of the champions, EGF.

    “I think since we went down to the State True Team Meet, it gave them a little bit of courage and hard competition,” Girls’ Head Coach Amy Boll said. “I think they came to this meet a little more prepared, because they saw what hard competition is.”

    Five separate Pirates girls earned gold as an individual and two, Emma Borowicz (So.) and Katherine Geist (Jr.), placed first in two events. Borowicz took first in the 300m hurdles (48.41) and the pole vault (9-00). The sophomore also moved on in the 200m (26.90). Geist followed her normal routine and won two races yet again, the 1600m (5:15.85) and the 3200m (11:21.19).

    The 1600m relay of Kailee Magsam (8th Grade), Anke Weirsma (So.), Rachel Hefta (Sr.) and Borowicz collected the only relay gold for the girls running a season-best time of 4:17.90.

    “Emma Borowicz had a phenomenal day today,” Boll said. “She PR-ed in the pole vault, and she ran a fantastic [1600m relay]. All of our shot putters PR-ed today, Brekken Tull had a PR [hurdles] and Anke Weirsma did too in the 400m.”

    Three Pirates boys added a gold medal to their season resume in Noah Kiel (So.), Karsten Isaacson (So.) and Sam Sanchez (Sr.). Kiel won the 200m with a season-best 22.99, Isaacson topped the high jump with 5-07 and Sanchez threw the furthest of the shot put field at 48-09.50.

    “We had Sam Sanchez advancing in shot put; we kind of expected that, but he still went out there and performed,” Boys’ Head Coach Wayne Folkers said. “Jacob Brunelle ended up taking third in the 100m, and that was kind of a surprise for us. He PR-ed by a lot there.”

    Four individuals and a relay also made it through to sections via a wildcard bid.

Jada Dillabough (Sr.) - Discus
Thea Oman (Sr.) - 800m
Brady Wisk (Fr.) - 200m
Caden Osborn (Jr.) - Shot Put
800m Relay - Breanna Kressin (Fr.), Emma Gunderson (7th Grade), Hefta, Cassie Solheim (7th Grade)

    Five of the athletes who earned a wildcard spot had already qualified in separate events. With the wildcard berth, Osborn, Gunderson and Solheim will now get to compete in sections.     

    A number of Pirates will look to advance past sections and on to state, and Folkers explained what will need to happen between now and the Section Meet.

    “Some of it is going to be our training, number one,” Folkers said. “Number two, we’ve got to get rest all at the same time. We’ve done this many times, we work them hard to start next week and then we start tapering off and doing a lot more stretching.”

    The Section 8A Meet will take place in East Grand Forks on Saturday, June 1 at 11 a.m.

** Indicates season-best performance**

Girls - 1st Place, 138 pts

Emma Borowicz (So.)
300m Hurdles - 1st Place, 48.41
Pole Vault - 1st Place, 9-00**
200m - 3rd Place, 26.90**

Katherine Geist (Jr.)
1600m - 1st Place, 5:15.85
3200m - 1st Place, 11:21.19

Breanna Kressin (Fr.)
100m Hurdles - 1st Place, 16.31
300m Hurdles - 2nd Place, 49.65

Jada Dillabough (Sr.)
Shot Put - 1st Place, 36-04.25**
Discus - 5th Place, 95-07**

Anke Weirsma (So.)
400m - 1st Place, 1:03.01**

Hayden Winjum (Fr.)
Triple Jump - 2nd Place, 33-07**
800m - 8th Place, 2:37.19
Long Jump - 7th Place, 14-11.75

Kailee Magsam (8th Grade)
400m - 4th Place, 1:06.17

Rachel Hefta (Sr.)
Shot Put - 4th Place, 32-06.75**
High Jump - 9th Place, 4-04

Thea Oman (Sr.)
800m - 6th Place, 2:31.18**

Cassie Solheim (7th Grade)
200m - 8th Place, 29.03
Long Jump - 13th Place, 13-07.75**

Libby Salentine (8th Grade)
Discus - 8th Place, 86-02

Ella Weber (So.)
Discus - 15th Place, 71-05**

Halle Winjum (7th Grade)
Long Jump - 19th Place, 12-05.50**
Triple Jump - 11th Place, 29-01.25

Emma Gunderson (7th Grade)
High Jump - 14th Place, 4-02
Triple Jump - 13th Place, 28-10.00**

Madison Hoiland (Fr.)
High Jump - 16th Place, 4-00

Ally Perreault (Fr.)
Shot Put - 9th Place, 29-01**

Amelia Overgaard (Sr.)
3200m - 10th Place, 13:52.27

Amanda Schultz (Fr.)
3200m - 11th Place, 14:46.29

Hailey Spivey (Sr.)
800m - 14th Place, 2:45.04

Olivia Huck (Fr.)
400m - 18th Place, 1:13.65**

Brekken Tull (7th Grade)
100m Hurdles - 10th Place, 18.78**
300m Hurdles - 12th Place, 58.50**

Abby Borowicz (8th Grade)
1600m - 9th Place, 5:58.80
200m - 19th Place, 31.88
Pole Vault - 9th Place, 6-06**

Audrey Harbott (Jr.)
1600m - 16th Place, 7:10.26

Carly Thode (8th Grade)
100m - 17th Place, 14.71**

Ava Lopez (Fr.)
100m - 18th Place, 14.74**

Morgen Arguelles (Fr.)
100m - 21st Place, 15.24**

1600m Relay
Kailee Magsam, Anke Weirsma, Rachel Hefta, Emma Borowicz
1st Place, 4:17.90**

3200m Relay
Thea Oman, Anke Weirsma, Hailey Spivey, Hayden Winjum
2nd Place, 10:15.25

800m Relay
Breanna Kressin, Emma Gunderson, Rachel Hefta, Cassie Solheim
3rd Place, 1:53.78

Boys - 3rd Place, 110 pts

Noah Kiel (So.)
100m - 2nd Place, 11.61
200m - 1st Place, 22.99**

Karsten Isaacson (So.)
High Jump - 1st Place, 5-07
3200m - 9th Place, 11:52.90**

Sam Sanchez (Sr.)
Shot Put - 1st Place, 48-09.50
Discus - 9th Place, 109-07

Jaden Lubarski (Sr.)
800m - 2nd Place, 2:12.73

Jacob Brunelle (Jr.)
100m - 3rd Place, 11.87**
Long Jump - 10th Place, 16-05.25

Ben Brantner (Jr.)
1600m - 4th Place, 5:03.85

Ty Hamre (Sr.)
Discus - 4th Place, 123-01
Shot Put - 3rd Place, 45-05**

Caden Osborn (Jr.)
Discus - 8th Place, 110-04**
Shot Put - 6th Place, 42-00.50**

Brady Wisk (Fr.)
200m - 6th Place, 24.45**
Triple Jump - 6th Place, 36-04**

Tai Baig (Jr.)
Pole Vault - 6th Place, 8-09**
Long Jump - 13th Place, 16-04.50
Triple Jump - 8th Place, 35-09.25

Shaun Nelson (Sr.)
Long Jump - 17th Place, 15-09.50

Sam Overgaard (Sr.)
200m - 9th Place, 25.26

Evin Trudeau (7th Grade)
800m - 17th Place, 2:47.07**

Cameron Weiland (So.)
400m - 11th Place, 59.03**

Gabe Montieth (So.)
400m - 12th Place, 59.25**
Triple Jump - 9th Place, 34-11

Thor Harbott (8th Grade)
1600m - 19th Place, 5:45.89
3200m - 10th Place, 12:19.48

Easton Tangquist (So.)
100m - 13th Place, 12.54

400m Relay
Brady Wisk, Easton Tangquist, Sam Overgaard, Jacob Brunelle
2nd Place, 47.53

800m Relay
Brady Wisk, Jacob Brunelle, Sam Overgaard, Noah Kiel
2nd Place, 1:37.43**

1600m Relay
Ty Hamre, Cameron Weiland, Andrew MacGregor, Jaden Lubarski
3rd Place, 3:55.35**

3200m Relay
Jaden Lubarski, Andrew MacGregor, Cameron Weiland, Ben Brantner
3rd Place, 9:08.67**

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