To be eligible, the coaches have to be a coach of an NCAA member institution and only 30 coaches were selected for the academy.

TAMPA, FLA.—Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach and Head Women’s Tennis Coach Krayton Nash was selected to attend the 2019 NCAA Basketball Coaches Academy in Tampa, Fla., on May 8-9. The NCAA Basketball Coaches Academy provides current, full-time intercollegiate basketball coaches at NCAA member institutions an opportunity to expand their knowledge and insight into the world of intercollegiate basketball coaching.

    To be eligible, the coaches have to be a coach of an NCAA member institution and only 30 coaches were selected for the academy. The two-day academy had many big names that spoke to the select coaches at the academy, including Richard Barron, the head men’s basketball coach at Maine, who talked about the strategic part of the game and Felicia Legette-Jack, who is the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Buffalo. Legette-Jack talked about what were the keys to not only getting a head coaching position at the collegiate level, but keeping it as well.

    Nash talked about what the academy was like and thanked Director of Athletics Stephanie Helgeson for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime.

    “It was talking about all facets of basketball and it was a great opportunity for me,” Nash mentioned. “I would like to thank our Director of Atheltics Stephanie Helgeson for allowing me to be a part of that. She has always supported my professional development and I thank her for that.”

    One of the segments that Nash attended was “Your Why”, that was on the first day and that was led by Bob Ghiloni a head coach at division III Denison University.

    “That was a really fun one for me,” said Nash. “My parents were servant leaders and servant leadership was always something that I was taught and I always wanted to teach other people how to be better people, because that’s how the world becomes a better place. My why has always been about servant leadership and teaching and to make them better people.”

    For Nash, the two-day event proved very educational, though he wishes it could have gone longer because of everything he was able to get out of it.

    “We were non-stop from basically 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., stated Nash. “It was a lot of learning, but I wish it would’ve been longer, because I learned so much in those two days.”

    For Nash, who will be heading into his third season as both the head coach of women’s tennis program and the assistant coach for men’s basketball, he said he will take a lot from this academy into the next season.

    “I will stick to my personal values and how I coach the student-athletes from the assistant coaching position,” Nash said. “I take pride in getting to know the guys and I hope to do that heading into the next season.”