The Pirates shot 307 as a team.

    The Pirates made it out to Detroit Lakes for their inaugural competition, the Earlybird Golf Tournament. In this par 64 course, Crookston’s top four combined for a team score of 307 and placed seventh out of 10 teams.

    “Scores were really kind of arbitrary,” Pirates Head Coach Steve Kofoed said. “I’d say the vast majority of mistakes we saw were just because we haven’t played. We’d hit a wayward shot or we weren’t super familiar with the golf course, and we’d try to take something on a little too aggressive.”

    Detroit Lakes took the meet championship shooting 277.

    The top Pirate score came from Trey Christopherson (Sr.) at 72.

    “Trey is one that’s going to have to be very steady, very competitive,” Kofoed said. “The one hole I walked with Trey on nine, he hit a wayward tee shot way left, tried to make a smart play, pulled his wedge into a tree and then hit his next shot short into the bunker, but then hit a great bunker shot to 10 feet and made putt to save bogey. Being able to walk out of there with a bogey kind of felt like he stole a stroke, maybe two.”

    Brock Heppner also carded a round in the 70s with a final stroke count of 73.

Other Scores
Jack Ricord (Sr.) - 81
Quinn Westlake (Jr.) - 81
Ben Andringa (Jr.) - 85
Easton Tangquist (So.) - 86

    “For the most part, we were just happy to be playing,” Kofoed said. “They knew the fact that we’re able to correct those things that are going to be first round, second round mistakes. That kind of attitude is what we’re going to need. We’ll look at what we did when we made a big number. If we made a six or a seven, did we follow that up with a par? Or did we follow that up with a double bogey?”

    Next on Crookston’s schedule is a meet at Tianna Country Club in Walker-Hackensack-Akeley on Friday, April 26 at 10 a.m.

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