This week's Pirates of the Week are Madison Hoiland, Cameron Weiland, Logan Wardner, Breck Fugleberg, Maddi Salentine, Taylor Garrett, Audrey Harbott, Eden Haller, Eliza Meyer, Michelle Pahlen and Shaun Nelson

Girls’ Basketball
Madison Hoiland - Fr. F

    Head Coach Darin Zimmerman says, “Madison has been steady all season and has really played well as of late. She is a skilled player and hard worker. She rebounds the ball well and is just a flat out tough player around the rim.”

Cameron Weiland - So.

    Head Coach Wes Hanson says, “He has already picked up over 20 wins this season with 14 of those victories coming by pin. He has wrestled very well in big moments for his team. He is highly accountable and works hard in the wrestling room.”

Boys’ Hockey
Logan Wardner - Sr. D

    Head Coach Josh Hardy says, “Logan had two goals and an assist at Lake of the Woods and International Falls. Logan has returned from an injury after Christmas and has been better than ever for us. He brings an offensive threat on the backside and continues to be a strong defender. He is a tenacious player who is always willing to lay it on the line for his teammates. You never have to question if Logan is going to give 100 percent, because he is always giving everything he has. Congrats, Logan.”

Girls’ Hockey
Maddi Salentine - Jr. F
Breck Fugleberg - Jr. F
Taylor Garrett - Jr. D

    Head Coach Tim Moe says, “These three were our only juniors on the varsity team this year and did a really good job of being great role models for our younger kids in the locker room. Each finished the year with four assists. But their contributions off the ice are far more important than what shows up on the scoresheet. All three show great dedication just in getting to practice as Breck and Taylor are from Mayville, and Maddi is from Euclid. They are also great students as each have impressive GPAs. Most importantly, they are great people who are going to do great things in their futures.”

Glistening Edge
Audrey Harbott - Jr.

    Coach Andrea Lariviere says, “Audrey is a junior and has been on the team for many years. She is a great role model to the younger skaters on and off the ice. Audrey is involved in many activities and continues to make time for skating and is very dedicated to her sport. She has had an amazing attendance record this year and comes to practices with a positive attitude and ready to work hard. Audrey might be one of the quietest members of the team, but she is one of the strongest. We are so happy to have Audrey on our synchro team.”

Boys’ Basketball
Shaun Nelson - Sr.
Michelle Pahlen - Jr.
Eden Haller - Jr.
Eliza Meyer - Jr.

    Head Coach Greg Garmen says, “These four have done a super job of managing the Pirates. They take care of all the behind the scenes things that need to be done from videotaping, stats, equipment, book and clock. Whatever is asked, they do.”

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