The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship Contest took place in the Crookston High School gym on Sunday, January 13. The contest was run by the local Knights of Columbus council 1216 of Crookston. Winners from each division are listed below.  First-place winners will represent Crookston at the next round of competition at the district level in February.

9-years-old: Teagan Fanfulik
10-years-old: Halle Nicholas
11-years-old: Danielle Kresl
12-years-old: Keona Arnold
13-years-old: Kasia Wilson
14-years-old: Emma Osborn

9-years-old: Simon Geffre
10-years-old: Sawyer Anderson
11-years-old: Sam Widseth
12-years-old: Hunter Nicholas
13-years-old: Isaac Thomforde
14-years-old: Jacob Hesby