Weber's passion for basketball led her to UMN Crookston, and the university led her to finding her calling.

    Often, high school graduates have a hard time deciding what college they want attend for the next four years of their lives. That was not the case for health science major and senior Lindsey Weber. After being recruited to play for Golden Eagle Basketball and one campus visit to the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMN Crookston), Weber knew where she had to be.

    Weber’s passion for basketball led her to UMN Crookston, and the university led her to finding her calling, health sciences. At first, Weber thought she wanted to be a veterinarian, but after taking a few classes, she discovered another area that matched her interests.

    “Growing up I only had a fish tank, meanwhile other students had been 4-H members since they were little and many grew up on farms,” says Weber as she recalls the moment her career goals changed from veterinarian to physician’s assistant. Many times, in college, students begin on one path and end up on another. Weber is an example of this transformation and how it made her thrive.

    Weber thoroughly enjoys her chemistry, anatomy, and other science-related classes. More than this, she loves the fact that her career path will lead her to helping people which is something she has always done and plans to continue doing.

    A few years back, Weber went on a medical mission trip to Peru. A unique experience that reassured her of her desire to help others in the medical profession.

    “It was an eye-opening experience,” says Weber as she explains the differences in medical care between the United States and Peru, a developing country in the healthcare sector. During her time in Peru she absorbed and learned as much as she could. Weber took away lifelong memories and the aspiration to continue on the medical path.

    When applying to graduate school, Weber was specifically looking for a place with a strong program, matching her own personal core values. She applied to various graduate schools and was accepted into her top choice, Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. What was especially exciting for her was their mission statement that prepares students for lifelong learning and service.

    Being a physician’s assistant will give Weber the schedule flexibility to partake in other hobbies such as basketball, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her family. Weber will soon be caring for people with her knowledge and expertise.