The Crookston Blue Line Club (CBLC) welcomed eight teams.

    The final American Crystal Sugar Beet Shootout was another great hockey-filled weekend. On September 28–30, the Crookston Blue Line Club (CBLC) welcomed eight teams to the 2007 level American Crystal Sugar Beet Shootout. First place winners are the Blue Wave, second place winners are the Northern Attack and third place winners are the Coyotes.

    The CBLC Board is very thankful to American Crystal Sugar for their support and collaboration on these fall tournaments. They are pleased with the participation levels and, at this time, plan to explore hosting tournaments again in the fall of 2019 and beyond. The fall tournaments brought 20 teams to town over four weekends.

    The CBLC Board hopes the area businesses, restaurants and hotels saw an influx of business as a result of hosting these tournaments. If Crookston businesses are interested in upcoming tournament schedules, this information is available on the Blue Line Club website at and detailed schedule information can be found under the “Tournaments” tab.

    Satisfied shoppers, diners and lodgers is a win-win for the community businesses and the Blue Line Club as attending tournaments is about the experience of the entire weekend and not only about hockey.

    For questions, suggestions or comments, please contact Kristy Swanson, the Blue Line Club Executive Director, at (218) 470-0423 or one of your local Blue Line Club Board Members. Current board member information can be found on the website, and selecting the “Contact Us” tab.