Crookston lost 5-2 to Park Rapids and beat Roseau 5-2.

   As if cloudy skies and cool temperatures was not enough, the winds came as well. Crookston (5-16) battled the elements and came out on the other side with a triangular split against Park Rapids and Roseau.

Park Rapids L 5-2   

    The Pirates played competitively against the number one team in the section, but in the end, Park Rapids closed out a 5-2 win over Crookston.

    Halle Winjum (seventh grade) and Catherine Tiedemann (So.)/Emma Borowicz (So.) provided the only wins for the Pirates while two of Crookston’s losses came in a third-set tiebreaker.

    Winjum took on a senior in fourth singles and eliminated age from the equation beating her opponent 6-3, 6-4.

    Tiedemann and Borowicz also won in straight sets taking the match 6-2, 6-2.

    “Cat Tiedemann and Emma [Borowicz]  both have been playing really well lately,” Head Coach Mike Geffre said. “That was a nice win for Halle, she played a senior. She’s come a long way in her game. We just need a complete team effort.”

    After dropping three of the four singles matches, the Pirates trailed 3-2 with a chance to win second and third doubles which would claim the match.

    Hannah Street (Sr.)/Elysa Christensen (Sr.) looked to earn one of those victories in second doubles. The pair lost set one 6-4 and rallied for a 6-2 win to force a third set. Street and Christensen kept the tiebreaker close, but ultimately fell short 8-6 giving Park Rapids the imperative fourth win.

    Simultaneously, Hannah Lindemoen (Fr.)/Audrey Harbott (Jr.) played in another tiebreaker. The third doubles team took set one 6-1, but lost a potentially clinching tiebreaker in the second set 7-6(3). Park Rapids went on to win the third-set tiebreaker 7-3.

    His team’s struggles continued in the third-set tiebreakers and Geffre believes the problem comes in the form of not possessing the right mentality when in such situations.

    “It’s more the mental thing we’re still working on,” Geffre said. “The focus and the competitiveness. I think the strokes and stuff are there, it’s just your strokes don’t work right when you are nervous.”

Other Matches

Hayden Winjum (Fr.)
First Singles
L 6-0, 6-1

Emma Osborn (Fr.)
Second Singles
L 6-1, 6-1

Eden Haller (Jr.)
Third Singles
L 6-3, 6-1

Roseau W 5-2

    The Pirates regrouped and broke an eight-match losing streak with a win over the Roseau Rams. Victories came from Hayden Winjum in first singles (6-2, 6-2), Tiedemann in second singles (6-2, 6-0), Borowicz in third singles (6-2, 6-2), Halle Winjum in fourth singles (6-4, 6-0) and Osborn/Emma Gunderson (seventh grade) in third doubles (6-1, 6-2).

    Unlike the match against Park Rapids in which the Pirates dropped three of the four singles competitions, Crookston swept singles against the Rams.

    Roseau's only wins came in the first and second doubles matches where the Rams won both in a third-set tiebreaker. On the day, the Pirates went 0-4 when a match lasted three sets.

Other Matches

First Doubles
L 4-6, 7-5, 7-3

Second Doubles
L 1-6, 6-3, 7-5

    “We still have a couple of weeks to get some things taken care of,” Geffre said. “But we can’t just keep putting off taking care of stuff. You can’t expect it to happen right away. You got to start doing those things now so that it’s a habit going into the section tournament.”

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