Images from the pickleball, dodgeball and cornhole tournaments as well as the 5K and 10K.


Top Finishers 5K

Ben Andringa (18:14)
Jonathan Carpenter (20:49)

Jacqueline Burke (23:10)
Kayla Stangeland (23:36)

Top Finishers 10K

Jochum Wiersma (43:09)
Jackson Dauksavage (48:32)

Diane Palkert (52:31)
Gladys Bakken (53:32)


Women’s Senior Doubles: 1st Place: Tami Halley, Mary Jo Eastes; 2nd Place: Rebecca Kluth, Stacy Wright 
Men’s Senior Doubles: 1st Place: Allen Kluth, Andy Brown; 2nd Place: LeRoy Reitmeier, Alan Brule

Women’s Open Doubles: 1st Place: Amy Schothorst, Diane Olson; 2nd Place: Erin Kunz, Terri Scholand
Men’s Open Doubles: 1st Place:  Carter Kunz, Mark Wright; 2nd Place: Trent Baumer, Tim Baumer


First Place

Drafts/Choice Therapy - Rainer Simmons, Chris Erdmann, Seth Hanson, Ryan Melsa, Chito Longoria and Trent Wagner

Second Place

Rockpile - Seth Solheim, Ryan Edevold, Ryan Schear, Brandon Kresl, Cam Leas, Kyle Proulx and Wyatt Hanson


1st Place- Martin Anderson and Chito Longoria
2nd Place- Nate Overgaard and Steve Sanders
3rd Place- Don Boone and Tiffani Broden