Trandem went straight from playing for the Pirates to playing for the Golden Eagles in the same town.

Amanda Trandem - Freshman softball player at the University of Minnesota Crookston

CHS Class of 2017

Major - Exercise Science

Career Hopes - Collegiate Athletic Training

Other CHS Sports - Volleyball

How did you decide to play softball collegiately?

    I like playing the sport and UMC is close to home. Also, I knew Coach [Don] Stopa since he came here and his wife, Ashley, was my volleyball coach in high school.

Were there any other schools you were considering?

    It was between either here or Bemidji, but I would have only been able to play softball at UMC. Since I got the offer from UMC, I decided I wanted to play at the next level.

What was your biggest sports accomplishment in high school?

    Probably being voted by the team as the MVP my junior and senior year.

What is the best memory you’ve made playing in college so far?

    We went to Florida for games and that was nice. We rented condos and the team was split half and half. We had our own pool, a kitchen and a garage with air hockey.

Who was your favorite coach in high school?

    Chad Hitchen

What is something Coach Hitchen taught you that you still think about?

    To have a good work ethic and keep on going. I’ve used that this year adjusting as a freshman in college.

What surprised you the most at your first collegiate practice?

    The size of the team. We have like 20 girls and in high school we had about 11.

What did you notice as a big difference between playing in high school and playing in college?

    The pace of practice. We do things a lot faster in college and you have to learn faster. The pitchers are faster and the runners are faster. It took me a while to get the routine down. Also, it doesn’t matter if you like your teammates, you still have to play as a team on the field.

How do you balance schoolwork and playing a sport?

    I haven’t really gotten a rhythm down yet. I have to plan times to do homework between practice and lifting and library hours and eating and sleeping. It is tough.

Does playing a sport help you organize your time?

    Yes, because I have to get it done before traveling on the weekends to games. If we travel on Friday, my assignment needs to be done before I leave. There’s also like eight players on the team with the same major as me and there are a lot of upperclassmen who have already taken the classes. So we can help each other out.

What do you miss about playing in Crookston?

    I miss the girls. We had like 10 seniors in my class and I had been playing with them since about fifth grade. I still talk to them. A couple of them go to UND and I have my cousin here on campus. I knew some of the girls coming in to UMC which helped.

How was playing collegiately prepared you for life after school and sports?

    It helps me with my work ethic and time management. Going back and forth between practices helps with that. And the coaches really focus on not just being a good athlete, but being a good person.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about whether or not to play sports in college?

    I’d say try it out. Not a lot of people get to play a college sport. If you don’t like it your first year, you can always stop.