Deng just finished his second year running at Augsburg.

Patrick Deng - Sophomore runner at Augsburg University

CHS Class of 2016

Major – Computer Science and Math

Career Hopes – Unsure

Other CHS Sports - Football and Basketball

How did you decide to run track collegiately?

    I always liked football and basketball better. I was better in track. I don’t know how I decided really. I was more recruited to run track.

What other schools were you considering?

    I was looking at Arizona State because I was born in Arizona. I also looked at U of M.

What was your biggest accomplishment in high school sports?

    Running in state track on the relay teams.

What is your biggest accomplishment in collegiate sports?

    Being a captain of the track and field team as a sophomore.

Who was your favorite coach in high school?

    Harley Stahlecker

What is something he did or said that has stuck with you?

    He always talked about he approached races and adopted that. He taught me everything about each leg in a relay and attacking hurdles.  

What did you notice as a big difference between running in high school and playing in college?

    In college, there’s not really a bad athlete. It’s always competitive. The hurdles are higher. In high school, it’s 300m hurdles and in college, it’s 400m hurdles. It took me a few times to get used to it.

What surprised you at your first college practice?

    How fast everyone was. On our team last year, we had like two or three All-Americans. The natural skill is amazing. The speed just kind of blew my mind.

How do you handle the pressure of playing collegiately?

I try to make friends and form relationships on the team. I try to make it more of an extracurricular. I try not to make it stressful and make it more like a brotherhood.

What do you miss about playing in Crookston?

I miss the people on the team. I think track was the most fun sport of the three I played. Everyone was so close.

What is your trick to keep up with classwork and stay consistent in your game?

    I make sure to use my time after practice to do my homework. I try to break down my days and dedicate time for homework. I’ve been managing time for a while, so I’m used to it.

Does playing a sport help you manage your time?

    It makes me more structured which I like. It’s easier to schedule things and helps me get things done beforehand. When I’m out of season, I play too much video games.

What is your daily routine when you are in season?       This semester's routine has been mainly waking up and going to my on campus job at 9-11 a.m. Then I attend class until 2 p.m. At around 3:30 p.m. I'll head to practice and that usually lasts until 6 p.m. After practice, I eat dinner and then for the rest of the night, I work on homework. Track is pretty easy to work around my school schedule since most track meets are on Saturday.  

How has running collegiately helped you prepare for life after school and sports?

    It definitely helped me manage my time. It taught me to always have one goal. It’s given me a strong work ethic. I don’t want to be not working out or trying to get better

What advice would you give to someone thinking about playing a sport in college?

    I would say if you really enjoy the sport, do it. It makes the school year go by faster. It also helps you to make friends. You’re forced to meet and talk to new people. The guys on my track team are my best friends right now. If you can balance school and sports, I say go for it.

How do you plan to stay around the sport when you graduate?

    I'll still watch track on TV whenever it's on, and I'll run for exercise. Track might be the easiest sport since running doesn't require much besides your legs and good shoes.   When your college career comes to an end, do you think you'll be mentally ready?
      I'll be ready when my college career comes to an end. Having an indoor and outdoor season from November to May gets pretty taxing on the mind and body.  I'll definitely miss running hurdles and competing, but all good, fun things have to come to an end eventually.