Winners advance to regional level in Bemidji.

    The District Level Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship was held on Sunday at Crookston High School.

    The results of Sunday’s competition are:

Age 9 Girls
    First Place: Morgan Enbel of Twin Valley (8 shots)
    Second Place: Kalie Clauson of Crookston (5 shots)

Age 9 Boys
    First Place: Isaac Sundby of EGF (14 shots)

Age 10 Girls
    First Place: Alex Tinjum of Ada (12 shots)

Age 10 Boys
    First Place: Rylan Lubarski of Crookston (20 shots)
    Second Place: Lorenzo Peterson of Hendrum (19 shots)

Age 11 Girls
    First Place: Lauren Kronlund of EGF (12 shots)
    Second Place: Kasia Wilson of Mentor (11 shots)

Age 11 Boys
    First Place: Ethan Arntson of EGF (23 shots)
    Second Place: Lance Kritzberger of Ada (19 shots)

Age 12 Girls
    First Place: Emma Osborn of Crookston (18 shots)
    Second Place: Megan Dauksavage of EGF (13 shots)

Age 12 Boys
    First Place: Joseph Correa of Crookston (13 shots)
    Second Place: Arden Marcussen of Ada (8 shots)

Age 13 Girls
    First Place: Madison Thornton of Twin Valley (16 shots)
    Second Place: Jenna Vasek of Fisher (10 shots)

Age 13 Boys
    First Place: Jack Garmen of Crookston (17 shots)
    Second Place: Adam Sezepanski of EGF (15 shots)

Age 14 Girls
    First Place: Katris Karivki of Crookston (10 shots)

Age 14 Boys
    First Place: Andrew Ogaard of EGF (15 shots)
    Second Place: Alexander Sterton of Ada (14 shots)

    The winners will move on to the Regional Level to be held at 4 p.m. Sunday, March 5 at Bemidji Boys and Girls Club.