Collin Peterson believes in term limits.  He has spoken out for term limits and even voted in favor of a term limits constitutional amendment.  Then why is he running again for the 16th time?  In 2010 he signed the “U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge.”  Now, in his 30th year in office, he is running again.  He must think that term limits apply only to Republicans and not to him—the savior of the 7th District.  What do we call people like this?  Hypocrites!

    First elected to office in 1990 (before the fall of the Soviet Union), Peterson has voiced his support for 12-year term limits and voted for a term limits amendment.  At the time he said, “It is clear that the people of this country and the 7th District want term limits and I’m disappointed that we failed to achieve enough votes.”  Oh, really?  Then why are you once more defying the voters in your district who took you at your word?  Why are you violating your term limits pledge by running again?

    If Collin Peterson were honest, he would have left office in 2002.  But then he wouldn’t be entitled to the fat pension he has accumulated since then.  Collin Peterson is just another conniving professional politician who will say anything to get reelected.