Businesses need to reopen? Yes, and water is wet.

In recent days, the Crookston City Council and the local Chamber of Commerce have taken it upon themselves to inform the Minnesota Governor's Office that there is a dire need to "reopen" local businesses.


They could also have informed him that water is wet.


Seems like it's pretty obvious that he too wants businesses to reopen, and is fully aware of the economic and social impacts. Now that the crisis is (supposedly) past, everyone is suddenly fighting to be "among the first" to state what is already painfully clear to all citizens.


At least, the Governor's Office has first-hand advice from medical professionals, epidemiologists, and the Federal government. I wasn't able to determine from published articles which agencies and professionals are supporting the Chamber and Council statements, aside from common sense and

best intentions.


Instead of empty platitudes, what is preventing the City Council from actually doing something proactive? Otherwise, it's either keep complaining about Governor Walz, or wait for the restrictions to be lifted then pretend to have influenced the decision.


For example, the Council can stand up and declare that "the Walmart rule" applies to all Crookston-area business, beginning immediately. The City could tell its police department to stand down on this issue, and ask the same of the Sheriff's Office.


If the City Council really believes that all local businesses and customers can be totally trusted to act responsibly, then they ought to act on that, instead of reciting meaningless slogans and self-congratulating.


And (God forbid) if it backfires, then the Council and the City and the Chamber of Commerce can step up and accept actual responsibility, rather than duck safely back behind "what Walz told us to do."


Is that not reasonable?