For several years I have lived next-door to a deserted or rental house. It has a back yard with many trees.  Electrical power lines feed this house, from a pole across my back yard.

    The house has been vacant almost 2 years. Late last fall a severe wind storm hit Crookston’s north end. The woods was hit hard, with branches landing everywhere. The Power Company came and cut away what was laying on the electrical lines.

    I have a privacy fence that separates our backyard properties. The old tall trees lean way above any fence line. I was told, I can cut anything hanging over my property line. Yikes! That can cost from $500 and up for one. At my expense!

    Late spring the owner of the house was here. She stated the house was sold to a guy in California. She had not been here since the storm. She made a call on the removal of the trees. That day two guys came from the Power Company and cut trees and branches. It looked wonderful!

    Oops, they also tell me, it’s not their responsibility to pick anything up or haul away what falls? It’s blocking my access to my back yard? These were not all branches…they were tree trunks.   

    Very soon our first snow arrived.  Yard work was done for the year. The pile of trees and brush did not go away with winter.

    Spring is time for new beginnings and I do like to stay abreast on city happening. With all the fun our City Council Members were having, it intrigued me how it all would end up. By the time that happened everyone was well informed (Thank You Crookston Times & KROX) who our Council Members were.  

    I have never reached out to my Council Member for guidance before, but I decided it was time. I contacted Council Member for Ward 6, Dylane Klatt. Within 2 hours he had responded and I explained my issue and asked for his guidance. He understood and would contact individuals he was assured could help. In two days, I had a Firemen Brian, looking over the area and taking photos. Next day the Fire Chief Tim Froeber stopped by, and expressed concern on how a company can leave a job done in this kind of condition. And City Park and Recreation Director Scott Riopelle arrived. Together they moved the big tree trucks from my back yard access. Scott gave a detailed plan on procedures that are in place for our city. Property owners are notified of rules and deadlines in property clean-up.  
    Voila! In 2 days before deadline, a pickup and trailer pulled in and completely cleared my walkway, and much of their yard.

    Thanks to ALL. Our Crookston City team leaders have it together.

Susan Sylvester