I’ve seen the stories about how the GOP wants to replace U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson in Minnesota’s Seventh District.

    I’m a Republican, but I’m voting to keep Peterson, and here’s why: Farming is important to our local economy in western Minnesota. You may not live on a farm, but you can bet that your neighbors and most likely the business you work in or own depends on farm money in some form or fashion.

    Peterson is chair of the House Agriculture Committee. It is a gift to Minnesota industry and agriculture that he sits at the top of this powerful committee. The last farm bill did more than help farmers. It included language to help rural hospitals get out of debt. It included money to help stop the increase in farm and ranch suicides. The farm bill included support for rural water systems and money for building community centers.

    Collin has been with President Trump on the Second Amendment. He’s been with Trump on the wall and tightening our borders against illegal immigration. Between that at the work he’s done directly for our homes and our families, I’m supporting Collin for re-election.

Curt Knutson, farmer
Rural Fisher, Minnesota