What's better? Universal health care or perpetual warfare? The answer should be easy.

It’s tax time and it’s crucial that we know how our tax dollars are spent. Over half (52%) of the $1.43 trillion 2020 “Discretionary Budget” (the portion of the Federal Budget acted on by the President and Congress every year) will go to the Department of Defense (the Pentagon). That’s $738 billion. And the other 21 departments/agencies will have to split the remaining 48%.

For example:

• Health and Human Services: $90 billion, or 12%

• Department of Education: $62 billion, or 8% • Housing and Community Development: $56 billion, or 6%

• Energy and Environment: $20 billion, or 2%

• Department of Justice: $24 billion, or 2%

USA military spending in 2020 is now 35% of the military spending in the whole world. We are a military government!

Other countries military spending:

• China: $224 billion

• Germany: $49 billion

• United Kingdom: $49 billion

• Russia: $44 billion

• France: $40 billion

• South Korea: $39 billion

Compare the USA’s $738 billion to the annual budgets of our “enemies”:

• Iraq: $19 billion

• North Korea: $8 billion

• Iran: $7 billion

The impact here at home of military spending on domestic needs is dramatic and severe. The USA ranks 37th in the world in overall healthcare, 29th in infant mortality, and 17th in life expectancy. The average college loan debt per student is $31,000, yet the USA ranks 32nd in literacy, 31st in math and 23rd in science among the industrialized countries in the world.

Obviously, funding the Military Industrial Complex, weapon-makers are the priority, and the needs of we the people and urgent care for dying Earth are not!

To make matters worse, President Trump has this shameful, cruel 2020 budget proposal that proposes these cuts:

• $1.5 trillion cut to Medicaid over 10 years • $845 billion cut to Medicare over 10 years

• $220 billion cut to food stamps over 10 years • $25 billion cut to Social Security benefits

• $21 billion cut to assistance to families in need

• $207 billion cut to student loan programs

All of the above cuts will transfer to military spending or tax breaks for the rich! The clear choice: Universal healthcare or perpetual warfare?

The USA is the only industrialized country without universal healthcare. Annual spending on healthcare in the USA is now $11,772 for ever man, woman and child, which is also the highest in the industrialized world. Universal healthcare for all here at home would be a huge, great step forward toward equality and justice!

Also, let’s say a loud “YES” to peace, jobs, education, care and concern for our dying Earth!

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” – Martin Luther King