Attend your caucuses, even if they’re a bit strange this year

Tuesday is caucus day in Minnesota, but it's going to be a bit strange. With Minnesota having a primary election now, fast approaching on March 3, when Democrats and Republicans gather Tuesday evening, they won't vote for their favorite candidates as they would typically do, because those votes will be cast during the March 3 primary. In Crookston, the DFLers will gather at Highland School and the Republicans will get together at the Cobblestone Inn. They'll discuss their party platforms and maybe pass some resolutions to potentially be added to those platforms, and those who want to be delegates at their party conventions will express their interest in doing so. But that's about it. Again, it's going to be a bit strange.

Take in the 3rd Annual Wedding Expo Tuesday

It seems like yesterday the first Wedding Expo in Crookston was held at the Crookston Eagles Club with area businesses and professionals gathering in one place to showcase what the city has to offer for brides and grooms. Now, this Tuesday, February 25, it’s already the third annual event starting at 5 p.m. and brides, grooms, parents, friends and loved ones are invited to the one-stop shop for all things wedding. Admission is free and brides/grooms can register for gift packages donated by vendors. Photographers, decorators, cake makers, DJs, florists, you name it. They’ll all be there waiting to make your dream wedding come true.

Don’t be afraid to remodel on your own

Ever wished you could finally take the carpet off the stairs and refinish them? Or dream of new flooring in your bathroom? Maybe a fresh new color for your kitchen cabinets? Don’t be afraid of tackling a small remodeling project on your own especially if you have a tight budget. There are SO many videos on how to do work on your home and some can be done in as little time as a day or over the weekend. Plus, supplies can be purchased at your favorite local hardware store and they might even offer some tips on what to do and what not to do. No time but have the money saved up? There are plenty of professionals just waiting for your phone call. Now’s the time to enjoy your home and get the work done because when spring arrives, summer will soon follow and we all know how fast that season goes.

Enjoy music and art, art and music this Friday

People are always clamoring for interesting, unique things to do in Crookston. Well, and event this Friday evening, Feb. 28, fits that bill. At Andy Hall's Sweetlight Gallery downtown, the artistic works of Trey Everett will be featured, and singer/songwriter Annie Fitzgerald will perform live as well. If Everett's name sounds familiar, he's the artist who contributes a weekly editorial cartoon to the Times. And most know who Fitzgerald is and are familiar with her talents. And Hall, a photographer, will obviously be more than happy to showcase his works. Check it out. Like we said earlier, it'll be interesting and unique.

Let fans have their say on Astros’ cheating

The Houston Astros played their first game since they were caught cheating. It was just an ordinary spring training game, but as expected, it was not without drama. Fans booed players throughout the game, and many brought signs poking fun at the cheating scandal. The Astros did not take a liking to the signs, and they had stadium security confiscate fans signs that talked bad about the team. This is an incredibly weak move, and one of many mistakes the Astros organization has made in handling this situation. Confiscating signs will only give fans more motivation to protest the team. The team needs to understand that they will face a ton of backlash from fans this year, but that is what happens when you cheat in the World Series. Fans have every right to bring signs, and confiscating them will only add fuel to the fire.
– Cooper Brown, student writer