As we begin 2020, I would like to express my gratitude for your contribution at The Cove - Youth Center.

The Cove simply could not remain open without you as volunteers who supervise our Youth Center. Supervisors have provided over 1200 volunteer hours in our first year.

So thank you for volunteering and providing the Substance Free, Safe Space that The Cove offers.

It has now been 1 Year since the doors of The Cove officially opened. (3 years since planning, preparing nonprofit status etc..)

During that time, volunteers have made it possible for The Cove to be open 4 days a week consistently. We have served hundreds of young people and we definitely have our "regulars" that show up every day.

A family feel has developed at The Cove. Mentorship is happening organically as these young people learn to trust and count on a positive environment in their life.

As the trust increases, so does the opportunity to have conversations about what our young people aspire to achieve in life. Educational goals, career goals and over- all life goals ultimately emerge in conversations. Granted, this is not always in the forefront of the mind of teenagers, but these con- versations are happening.

They just cannot be forced. Supervisors have reported

conversations about future career goals and areas of interest.

n.Vision is the part of CYF that seeks to connect young people with mentors in various career fields. It may take many months to trigger that conversation, but it will eventually come up.

We are not asking that you as volunteers actively engage these conversations unless you are comfortable with it, but if the topic comes up, please share that with an Executive Board Member.

Young people come to The Cove because it is fun. Friends are there, lots of games to play and snacks for free. That gets them through the door.

While they are there, we have a chance to impact them in a positive way. We show them we care, hold them accountable to rules, offer guidance when needed and connect them to opportunities they might not have otherwise.

In the meantime, they have fun playing video games and hanging with friends.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2020 at The Cove with your help!

Shannon Stassen

Cove Volunteer Manager Crookston Youth Foundation Vice Chair and Founding Board Member