While you, the citizens of Crookston, were sleeping....a back room deal is being planned.

On Monday, January 27th your elected officials are strongly considering giving away $129,000 of your tax dollars to a bank. An institution that makes millions in profits each year.  On Tuesday, Jan. 28, the (Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority) CHEDA is having a meeting to discuss forgiving $29,000 more.  Funny thing,  KROX on January 24, reported that an unnamed bank is requesting forgiveness of the loans.  I will let you in on a little secret.  The bank is Northern Valley Bank, the same bank that just purchased Northern Sky Bank in Crookston. Why wouldn't they want to be named?  Because their debtors (YOU) might run to the bank and ask forgiveness of your loans.  The city wants your tax dollars and the bank wants your interest and loan payments.  You don't get anything forgiven !  Why should they?  This is the same bank that you may be paying loans to !  Will they forgive your loan ? Never. No wonder they didn't want their name out there ?  How does it make you feel when they make a back room deal to wipe out a loan through hidden negotiations when you and I have to make all our payments with no loan forgiveness !    Full disclosure to the public should be done and we should demand no less.

It also states, in the KROX article, that the bank paid back taxes to the county, then paid a late utility bill.  Now the bank is requesting the city (you the taxpayers of Crookston) to forgive the debt.  It's a bank, they can afford to pay the debt like the rest of us !  

I looked at the Ways and Means and City Council scheduling and it states that both meetings may be closed to the public.  I wonder why ? Is it because they fear that you will object to them giving your tax dollars to a bank ? You should object to the city using your tax dollars to help an institution that makes millions.

I personally called Craig Hoiseth from CHEDA on Dec 28th and again on Jan 3 telling him I was interested in building a wedding and event venue in Crookston. Both times I was told to call back in a few weeks because no one was ready to talk about something like that.  Now I know why he was putting me off. My plan was to build a new venue that would use local caters for food, local labor to set up and tear down events and local talent for music. If the old hotel debt is forgiven none of you will benefit. If you are OK with the city spending your tax dollars to help out a bank, do nothing. If you are not, go to city hall and demand these meetings be open to the public, attend the meetings and voice your disapproval, since they are planning to GIVE away your tax dollars. 


Mark Hoffman