Cheers to a young scientist’s big discovery

    On just his third day of his internship at NASA, 17-year-old Wolf Cukier discovered a new planet. The planet has been named TOI 1338 b, and it is almost seven times larger than Earth.

    Scientists had never before spotted the planet, but it took Cukier just three days too. Cukier noticed a signal from system TOI 1338, and at first thought it was a stellar eclipse. Upon further examination, he realized it was not an eclipse he had found, but an undiscovered planet.

    Cukier, a big Star Wars fan, says the planet has a double sunset, similar to the one seen on Tatooine.

    There are many scientists that never discover something this big in a lifetime of work, but it took this teenager just three days.

– Cooper Brown, Student Writer

Jeers to people who can’t understand that some people like to stay busy

    Everyone is busy these days whether you have a high demand job, a bunch of kids in activities, participate in various boards and committees, and with other responsibilities. People have priorities in their life and often put “too much” on their plate, but that’s their personal choice.  

    Someone once said, “A busy life isn’t always a happy life,” but for some people it is. Some people like the distraction, some people like to be involved, some people would rather give their time and money over being at home inside their own head or without something to do. To some people, staying busy is a big part of their mental health.

    For someone who suffers from anxiety, staying active at work, active at home and active in the community is what helps them deal with that anxiety. Plus, it’s a win-win when someone wants to volunteer for something or offers to help with a campaign, event or activity.

    Who’s to say everything that person is doing can’t be accomplished successfully? Maybe they’re good at what they do and want to continue to push their personal limits to remain busy. Maybe they do have too much on their plate, but they’re still dedicated to making sure what needs to get done gets done. So what if their calendar includes a full day at work, five meetings outside of work, picking up their kids from school and feeding them supper and getting the house settled before the next day.

    Let’s not judge what others do in their personal lives until it directly affects us. Also, let’s not pretend we are busier than others when in all actuality we are all busy. Just with different things.

– Jess Bengtson, Assistant Editor