Last week, National Right to Life pulled their long-time endorsement of long-time representative of our 7th Congressional District, Collin Peterson. Peterson vigorously claims to be pro- life but he doesn’t vote that way anymore! He appears to no longer vote his values— instead, he chooses to side with Democrat House Speaker Pelosi. I looked up the voting record on National Right to Life’s 116th Congress House Scorecard online and Peterson has only a 56% pro- life record for this most recent Congress. He even voted to overturn President Trump’s pro-life policy of not allowing U.S. taxpayer dollars to be used to fund overseas organizations that perform or promote abortion.

This is absolutely abhor- rent—a person is either 100% pro-life or they aren’t pro-life at all. How can a Minnesotan who considers abortion to be the purposeful termination of an innocent human life support for this man any longer? It’s time to elect someone who fully stands behind the pro- life mission and votes that way on the floor.