Check out the VFW’s special January meals

The Crookston VFW Post 1902 will be offering special meals on Wednesdays in January to help raise funds for their ongoing club improvements. The meals, which are served from 1-7 p.m. January 15, 22, and 29, are as follows: Jan. 15 = Potato Bowl, Jan. 22 = Appetizer Meatballs, and Jan. 29 = Beef Vegetable Soup. Freewill offerings will be accepted. Some of their most recent club improvements include new paint in the banquet room, bar, and upstairs, plus new flooring in the bar area and a new popcorn popper. They also host BINGO every Friday and offer their facilities for your special event. Stop by 121 North Main Street or give them a call at 281-1902 to learn more.

Thanks to crews for tackling high snowbanks

When you live in a place where snow can potentially be on the ground for half the year, naturally, the people who get paid to clear all the snow and ice and slush from the streets are going to find themselves under the glaring microscope of public opinion a lot. More often than not, the critical, negative opinions outnumber the positive, grateful feedback. For mid-January, we have a significant amount of snow piled up already, mostly from the recent major snowstorm, which is why on Friday it was encouraging to see City of Crookston dump trucks and front-end loaders picking up snow and hauling it away from some intersections where the drifts are making it hard for motorists to see if anyone's coming. Yes, it's your job, but, nice work anyway. Thanks.

Bundle up for snowmobile races in Central Park this weekend

The Two Eighty Six Sno Series Round 3 youth snowmobile races will be held in Crookston’s Central Park on Saturday, January 18, and Sunday, January 19 with races starting Saturday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. If you have youth in your family who are snowmobilers, you can register them online at or register at the track on the day of the race. 286 Sno Series is a youth snowmobile racing circuit in eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota under the support of Christian Brothers Racing, KC Motorsports and more. There are no membership fees and first class entry fees are $35 per day plus $15 for additional classes per day. Other upcoming events include Goodridge/Grygla February 8 & 9, Fertile February 22 & 23, Crookston’s Central Park again on March 28 & 29 and Andes Tower Hills April 3. Bundle up this weekend and check out some youth snowmobile action in Crookston.

On spotting the football, the NFL could do better

Technology has infiltrated professional sports to the point that the constant debate these days revolves around the belief held by some that it's gone too far, and others who say it still hasn't gone far enough. Are there too many replay reviews in games? Or not enough? Should the possibility of human error, such as in a home plate umpire calling balls and strikes in Major League Baseball, be removed from the equation? You can think what you want, but one area where technology seems to be lacking in glaring fashion is the spotting of the football in football. Really, we're still using guys with a 10-yard chain? We're still letting line judges run in from the sideline and make their best guess on where the ball should be marked? On some plays they'll mark it with their right foot, and on other plays use their left foot? Seriously? There has to be technology to make things more exact. It's worth exploring, especially considering the controversial first down called, in the photo below, in Sunday evening’s NFC Divisional playoff game between the Packers and Seahawks that helped seal the victory for the Pack.

A new FBS college football champion

Tonight, Clemson will play LSU in the College Football National Championship. Clemson has won the title game in two of the past three years, but they are the underdog in this one. That is because LSU, led by Heisman quarterback Joe Burrow, has absolutely dominated this year. LSU has also played a much harder schedule than Clemson. LSU has taken on contenders such as Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn in their campaign, and they haven’t lost a single game. They put up 63 points in the semifinal game against Oklahoma, and cruised to an easy victory. Hopefully, LSU can continue their magical run, and dethrone Clemson and become champions. – Cooper Brown, student writer