Get ready for a two-day Ice Buster Daze

Tickets are now on sale for Ice Buster Daze 2020 and, new this year, there’s a two-day event. Friday, February 7, there will be an indoor ice fishing tournament from 6-9 p.m. at the Crookston VFW Post 1902 upstairs with a spaghetti dinner, raffle prizes, door prizes, cash prizes and entire kids area with games and prizes, and lots of fun. The event is dubbed as a fundraiser for Ox Cart Days, a new Ice Buster Daze partner. On Saturday, February 8, Ice Buster Daze’s outdoor ice fishing tournament day begins with a freewill offering breakfast at the Crookston Masonic Lodge from 8-11 a.m. followed by ice fishing on the Red Lake River near Central Park from 1-4 p.m. After the fishing tournament, that has food available on the ice, there will be a sloppy joe dinner, awards and prizes, and raffle prizes, at the Crookston VFW upstairs. What a weekend to be out and about in Crookston. Get your Friday event tickets at Crookston True Value Hardware and get your Saturday event tickets at Hardware Hank in Crookston. 

Embrace January’s busy calendar of events

After a marathon session looking up Crookston High School’s and the University of Minnesota Crookston’s winter sports schedules, and adding them to already decently-sized community calendar, it’s obvious there’s a lot to do during the month of January 2020. There’s everything from tax workshops at the library, classes for expecting parents, a candlelight ski event, meal fundraisers, snowmobile races in Central Park, car seat check-ups, free movies for seniors, the school district spelling bee, Gala for Girls, meetings with local service clubs, and plenty of home games for girls and boys basketball, hockey, wrestling, and men’s and women’s basketball. Embrace what seems like the longest month of winter and get out to some local events. For more info on what’s happening in January, visit today’s page 12 and our website

Give credit to Zimmer for masterful defensive game plan, and Thielen, too

Naturally, Vikings fans and football experts were quick to break down on Sunday the reasons why the Vikings were able to upset the Saints in New Orleans in the NFC Wildcard round. The solid play of quarterback Kirk Cousins, long criticized for his glaring inability to win big games against good teams, is a prime theme, as is the play of also-healthy running back Dalvin Cook. But there are two more keys just as critical to the victory. For one, wide receiver Adam Thielen looks healthy, finally, and, despite an early fumble and a questionable holding call, he made clutch catches, and the biggest catch of the game. Two, Head Coach Mike Zimmer, who makes the defensive calls, crafted a brilliant scheme to neutralize Saints quarterback Drew Brees, stud receiver Michael Thomas and New Orleans' excellent offense. He moved defenders around, which bothered the Saints' offensive line, and the entire unit played as one within the system, everyone doing their own individual job without trying to cover for others.

End this endless Middle East war cycle

A generation of Americans, heck, maybe two generations, has every few years been led to believe that another war in the Middle East is the only viable option. Most of these build-ups to military conflict are spurred by lies and exaggerations, and what is going on in Iran and Iraq right now seems at this stage to be involve more of the same disinformation. We have a commander-in-chief who has constantly ridiculued the work of our nation's intelligence community, and now we're supposed to believe that intelligence meant the taking out of Iranian General Qasse, Soleimani was the only alternative because he was planning imminent attacks that would have killed hundreds of Americans? No way. This is so bad. Now they're trying to tell us Soleimani was involved in the 9/11 attacks, too. Once again, it comes down to rich, silver-spoon bureaucats who never served a second in the military making decisions that will result in young Americans of less privilege going overseas to risk their lives fighting in a war that can't be won over the long-term. Trump avoided required protocols that he notify Congress first, and now he's saying his tweets should suffice. On top of it all, not surprisingly, stock prices for defense contractors have shot up. The military industrial complex chugs along. This is the world we live in and, because of Trump, it's even more dangerous.

A healthy Carson Wentz going forward

The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the the Seahawks by a score of 17-9 in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. This was a very frustrating game for the Eagles and their fans because, yet again, the pride of NSDU, Carson Wentz, left the game due to injury. This has become a recurring theme for Wentz, and in recent years he has been off the field in key games. This time, he suffered a head injury from a tackle by Seahawks player Jadeveon Clowney. This forced Eagles backup Josh McCown into the game to replace Wentz. McCown gave it his all, but it was not enough. It’s sad that Wentz has been injured so often in his young career, as he is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL when healthy. Hopefully next year Wentz can remain healthy, and if the Eagles want to get back to the Super Bowl, they need him to.  
– Cooper Brown, student writer