The year 2020 is almost upon us, and we all know that people who are in the business of projecting positive imagery for marketing and other purposes love to reference "2020" when portraying perfect vision, as in 20/20 vision. Locally, RiverView Health is the prime example, with their $50 million construction project being deemed, "RiverView 2020: Our Vision is Clear."

    We also know that 2020, or 20/20, can be used to look back, not ahead. How many times have we heard someone looking back on some decision or some event with various degrees of regret saying, "Hindsight is 20/20"?

    But, hey, let's be positive. Let's look ahead. It's almost 2020 in Crookston, and here are some things we'd like to see:

    • More progress on Epitome Energy: Dare we hope that some earth gets moved?

    • The successful completion of the aforementioned RiverView Health project

    • Not only does the Crookston City Council find a suitable person to fill the vacant Ward 6 seat, but they find a new mayor, too. And, in the ultimate icing on the cake, in a few months, they find a city administrator that's the cat's meow, too.

    • More exciting progress in Crookston's northeast corner, where the City and developer Bob Herkenhoff are teaming up to make great things happen on the residential housing and natural recreation fronts.

    • Some business successes, like something positive happening at the Crookston Inn. And DaRoos...can the new owners at DaRoos get off to a good start and build a solid customer base on a busy downtown Crookston corner?

    • No flooding issues, or at least limited flooding issues. We have an excellent levee system in Crookston, of course, but last fall was historically wet, this winter is off to a snowy start, and who knows what the spring thaw will bring?

    That’s just a partial list; if you pondered the subject longer, you could come up with more. Let’s just have an overall good, positive, productive 2020 for Crookston.