Get ice fishing tickets now

Ice Buster Daze and Ox Cart Days have partnered to bring you a two-day ice fishing extravaganza and tickets are now available for both events. Friday, February 7, 2020, Crookston’s first indoor ice fishing tournament will be held from 6-9 p.m. at the VFW Post 1902 with a meal, “ice fishing” tournament, kids games and lots of prizes for all ages. Tickets for Friday’s event are available at Crookston True Value Hardware or from an Ox Cart Days committee member. For more info, see Ox Cart Days’ Facebook page or visit Ice Buster Daze’s outdoor ice fishing tournament on the Red Lake River will be held Saturday, February 8, 2020 starting with a breakfast at the Crookston Masonic Lodge at 8 a.m. and fishing begins at 1 p.m. followed by a dinner and prizes at the VFW Post 1902. Tickets for Saturday’s event are available at Hardware Hank in Crookston or from an Ice Buster Daze committee member. For more info, visit Ceason’s Bait & Tackle’s Facebook page. Make it a weekend and enjoy fishing both indoors and outdoors this February.

Enjoy Christmas Eve dinner at Care and Share

The Care and Share of Crookston will be hosting a special dinner for the community that’s open to all on Christmas Eve, December 24, starting at 3 p.m. in their dining area. Kids are welcome at Tuesday’s dinner as well. Their new kitchen manager, Rachel, has really stepped up awareness and support for those in need by adding a version of a food shelf and with this year’s holiday dinner. For those looking to give back this Christmas, the Care and Share is always in need of items for adults and families that stay there and at the Hope Center. Currently, they’re in need of winter gear, new razors, new socks, twin size bed frames and diapers. You can also make a donation online through or mail donations to Care and Share of Crookston, 220 E. 3rd St., Crookston, MN 56716.

Realize that if the play clock reads zero, it’s a delay of game penalty

When the National Football League's next offseason begins in around six weeks, there is going to be plenty of enthusiastic debate about rules changes for the next season. Most of them will have to do with what plays are eligible for coaches' challenges and booth reviews, and how those plays will be reviewed and judged under the microscope. But something else should be looked at, too, and it's the play clock and how so many balls have been snapped in NFL games this year to begin plays when the play clock has been at zero, in many occasions, for at least a full second. Many, many delay of game penalties, often at crucial points in games, have not been called, and the explanations to date - something having to do with a slight delay from when the clock reaches zero and an official notices it - are lame, at best. If the play clock is at zero and the center has not snapped the ball, it's a penalty. This needs to at the most be remedied, and, at the least better explained.

Let’s cool it on all of these jersey exchanges

On one hand, it's a positive thing, the kind of thing that little kids and kids who play sports and look up to professional athletes might be inspired by. In fact, this is mostly a positive thing. But on the other hand, professional athletes from generations past...old-school athletes who treated every game like a fierce battle that would leave only the victor standing, probably see it as nothing less than sacrilege: All of these football players and basketball players and other professional athletes, after the clock ticks to zero and the buzzer sounds to end the game, meeting their opponents on the field or court and exchanging jerseys. What's this all about? What are these players going to do with these jerseys? Hang them on the wall of their epic man cave? Show it to their kids and grandkids? It was kind of quaint when it happened only now and then between some of the top athletes in their professions. But now everyone seems to be doing it. You can't argue with the "being a good sport" angle, but if it's the norm now and no longer the exception and takes place after every single game, then it loses a bit of its charm.

More opinions like Christianity Today’s

There's an uproar among Evangelicals and the faith community in general over the publication Christianity Today writing an editorial calling for President Trump to be removed from office. Defending the editorial on the Sunday news talk shows, its author, Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli said, "“We're not looking for saints. We do have private sins, ongoing patterns of behavior that reveal themselves in our private life that we're all trying to work on. But a president has certain responsibilities as a public figure to display a certain level of public character and public morality.” That about sums it up. If you think Trump is truly a person of faith and someone who truly lives through his faith, how can you continue to look the other way when he behaves in a fashion that disparages the faith he professes to possess? Because you think the economy is booming? Because you want more conservative judges on the bench? Because you think our healthcare system is great? Because you’re not concerned about the climate? Because you want lower taxes? Come on. Does Trump’s behavior reflect your values? How can it?