Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us. We have experienced the important things around us this past weekend with the Community Christmas Food Baskets. Over 200 Food Baskets were provided to over 700 family members this year. We had over 100 volunteers from the community on Friday evening fill the baskets. Some of these same people along with other community volunteers, student athletes and coaches from Crookston High School returned on Saturday morning to deliver the baskets. It is truly amazing to see the turnout each year that come to help with this project! The financial support, the food items donated and volunteer response was absolutely incredible!

    • THANK YOU to the Crookston Community for all the tremendous support for the 2019 Christmas Community Food Basket Project.

    • THANK YOU to all those that came out on Friday night to help fill the baskets. It is great to see so many people come and take part in this project. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

    • THANK YOU to all those that came on Saturday morning to help deliver the baskets.

    • THANK YOU to the many individuals, businesses, and organizations who provided generous monetary donations that allowed us to purchase most of the food.

    • THANK YOU to area churches, and the many, many individuals who donated food items that were used.

    • THANK YOU to the Crookston National Guard Armory for the use of the Armory for sorting the food, filling the baskets and the delivery of the food baskets.

    • THANK YOU to Spokley’s for the Potatoes, American Crystal for the Sugar, Pan-O-Gold for the Bread that was donated for the baskets. We can’t thank you enough for all the years you have been helping us with this project.

    • THANK YOU to Bob, Nick, Linda and all the employees at Hugo’s who helped us in ordering and delivering the food to the Armory for the baskets. You are great to work with!

    • THANK YOU to the Regional Sanitation for the clean-up dumpster.

    • THANK YOU to the North Country Food Bank for the boxes that we used for the food.

    • THANK YOU to Ryan Remick, who took time to help us out during the week. We can’t thank you enough for your time, energy and strength!

    • THANK YOU to the area 6th graders in the Crookston schools, Cathedral School and Our Savior’s school for shopping and providing food for our baskets. We look forward to you each year in helping out with this project!

    • THANK YOU to Trinity Lutheran Church Youth Group and Leah Winjum for helping bag the potatoes and taping boxes on Wednesday afternoon. We loved your smiling faces!

    • THANK YOU to Erica Uttermark, and the 5th grade classes for coming on Friday night to help out. We loved your enthusiasm!

    • THANK YOU to the Synchro Skating Line members and parents who helped on Friday night with the boxes. You saved us a lot time! Thank you for coming back on Saturday to deliver the baskets.

    • THANK YOU to Greg Garmen, Pirate athletes and coaches for your role in delivering the baskets. What a great turn out of student athletes and coaches! We couldn’t get it all done without your help!

    • THANK YOU to C.A.L.L. for the many books you donated for the families. What a wonderful gift!

    • THANK YOU to the Leo Club Members, Cathedral School students and families, Catholic Daughters, Randy Prudhomme and the Cub Scouts, Jennifer Tate, Jim and Lori Ingeman, Agassiz Study Group, Shoe Angel and all other individuals who provided mittens and hats and slippers. They were wonderful gifts that added warmth to some of the baskets.

    • THANK YOU to Gideon’s for the New Testaments that were supplied for the baskets.

    • THANK YOU to Jean and Siri at Trinity Lutheran Church for all the work they do for the
project and the committee.

    • THANK YOU to the Crookston Times and KROX for the media coverage. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

    We are very fortunate to live in a community that is very caring and giving. Without your help, this project would not be as successful. May each individual and family be blessed by their participation in the annual Community Christmas Food Basket. Thank you again!

The Community Christmas Food Basket Committee:
Jim and Kathy Borkowski
Ray and Terry Dusek
Pete and Ann Graham
Greg and Marlene LeBlanc
Jean Tate
Allan Dragseth
Bill and Kim Gillette
Scott Kleven
Jerry and Jackie Lindsay