To be a Christian, or a person of moral integrity, whatever your religion or culture, you need to follow God. Because we needed help in this due to our Human weaknesses, God sent his son and our Savior Lord Jesus Christ through his Love for us. Merry Christmas!

    For many this moral compass is being lost at the cost of humanity. If you believe in the Compassion, Forgiveness, and Graces of God, then  you should also be showing and giving it. Jesus Christ became one of us to teach and show us how to live and serve the only one we should be worshipping and that is God.

    Jesus led by truth without hypocrisy. Don't consider yourself pro life if you can't even care and do justice for Life already born into this world. For example, to protect an unborn from harm, yet once Life is born separate them and put them in cages, or abuse them, and cause harm now that they are a living being is hypocritical and immoral, and wrong. This applies to all living sentient beings, for we are all God's children and creatures great and small. You cannot serve God by supporting bullying, abuse, hate, and unethical behaviors.

    This is not God's will or way as Jesus taught us.

    You don't go to church and when you walk out leave God there. Jesus taught and showed us God is in our Lives beyond the walls of man, and always will be For All Eternity.

     God is not a democrat, or a republican, or even just one specific religion. God Is God. As quoted by Hippocrates" The Souls are the same in all Living Creatures, it's the body that’s different.”

     People need to pick up their moral compasses again. Ethics IS the principle standard for Humanity.

     Get rid of the party affiliation excuses, and stop putting economy over humanity to support what is just plain wrong and unethical.         

    Trump should NOT be president. My conclusion is factually based on his immoral behaviors and unethical policy decisions.

    Trump may have put a new tire on one wheel but he has punctured or deflated the other three of four tires needed to operate safely and effectively.

    Don't accuse my decision to be other than what I have stated. I am proclaiming the immoral and lack of decency standards occurring are wrong and Should NOT be tolerated by anyone.

     When Trump has to mock a 16 year old who is trying to morally do good for all of us, or when Trump has to maliciously mock a grieving woman who lost the Love of her Life... these are just to name a few of the immoral, indecent, cruel, unstable, and alarming red flags anyone who has Faith and Compassion in Jesus Christ and God should know this is not excusable. There is NO EXCUSE for this unethical shame and abuse of any kind towards anyone or anything, with no remorse either.

     Just As Our Souls Need God For All Eternity, so to do We All Need The Moral Compass Of Ethics The Principle Standard Of Our Humanity.

LoriJayne M. Grahn
Pelican Rapids, Minnesota