Father Joe Richards' brother authors letter in his defense after attorney's accusations.

There is no way I would ever belittle the pain and horror brought on by sexual abuse or any other kind of abuse. I know father Joe Richards, as he is my brother and I am very aware of the facts involving sexual abuse regarding him.  


Our “news leaders“ are quick to bring you the scandal and all the dirty little facts, but are they? I can cut them a break because how would they know any better? They just announce what some attorney from Minneapolis poses as a “press release“ rather than confirming all the details. 


Jeffrey Anderson has made a career of, as his website states, seeking justice for the survivors of child sexual abuse. Why then Mr. Anderson does your attack on my brother and calling for his dismissal say nothing of the fact that father Joe Richards, as a child was the victim of repeated sexual abuse by a distant relative who lived in his home. 


Where is your Justice and protection for father Joe? Why not release that detail in your “press release“?  Was there any mention of the fact that no one has ever accused father Joe of abuse - ever? 


In your press release you were very free with father Joe’s most embarrassing admittances that he shared in the privacy of his counselors office as he tried to come to grips with the abuse he received. How does that happen? I thought details shared with a counselor we’re protected by HIPPA, but I guess someone of your stature can get around those rules. 


When did you stress that father Joe broke the ugly cycle of abuse? Maybe some of these facts don’t lend themselves to a greater agenda of yours to destroy the diocese of Crookston and the bishop you loathe. Father Joe is a good Godly man and your accusations are one-sided and speak to an agenda. It makes me wonder who else you have misrepresented. Is it your disdain for the diocese or the money that drives you? If it were justice for victims, you might recognize and share the details surrounding Fr Joes victimhood. Despite this awful and disgusting tragedy he managed to break the cycle of abuse and he should deserve immense credit for his devotion to our God and the people he serves.