My interest was naturally sparked earlier this year when I heard that a fellow Minnesotan, U.S. Senator, Amy Klobuchar, was running for president. It might be nice to have a Minnesotan for president, as there has never been one before. Yet, if she were to become the Democratic nominee, would I vote for her?

    Senator Klobuchar gave the commencement address at my 2011 graduation from the University of Minnesota. I could tell from her speech that she is motivated in her job and wants to motivate others.

    There is no doubt that she is a good speaker–she even delivers pretty good jokes. She is Minnesota's first female U.S. senator and, as a woman, I appreciate that she isn't afraid to embrace her femininity and wear a skirt once in a while. (The constant pant-suit look of another female candidate never thrilled me.)

    Senator Klobuchar's actions in Congress, however, have not impressed me. It is clear that she is tied to the often far left goals of the Democratic party, even when she has recognized that they are bad for Minnesota.

    First, she has admitted that she knowingly dealt our state a hard blow in 2009 by voting for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Shortly after it became law, Senator Klobuchar very publicly started campaigning for the repeal of part of it. She knew Obamacare's tax on medical devices–a huge industry for Minnesota–would be (and has been) a huge job-killer for the state. She knew that patients needing devices such as pacemakers and hip replacements would end up paying a lot more.

    But the senator voted for Obamacare quickly, as did almost all Democrats, in order to get the gigantic bill passed.

    Second, Senator Klobuchar voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act on Feb. 25, 2019. When I learned this I was supremely disappointed. Those who voted against it (including all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates in the senate) are failing to protect the right to life of innocent infants. Without this law, babies will be left to die. U.S. Senators, like Senator Klobuchar, are effectively saying that it's OK with them when a mother chooses death for her baby—even when looking her baby directly in the face—in the name of “freedom” and “choice.”

    Thus, I will not be voting for Senator Klobuchar. (I will again be voting for President Donald Trump in 2020.)

Anna Enright
Hutchinson, Minnesota