Having just moved back to Crookston a few months ago with my family, at first I hesitated to get involved in the search for a candidate to represent our ward on the city council. But after the city made multiple pleas asking for input from the residents of Ward 6, I decided to jump in and volunteer to be a part of the interview committee. It was a way to get involved, to meet some new people in the community, and to have a hand in deciding who would be representing me and my neighbors down at City Hall.

    The three candidates didn’t make the decision easy, because they each did such a great job during the interviews. After some lengthy deliberations, everyone left that night feeling like we had accomplished something really good for Crookston. Not only was there a very clear recommendation from the committee, but the necessary 5 votes were also ready to go for the next council meeting. I thanked several members of the council for allowing me and the other residents of our ward to be involved in the process, and was told how valuable our input was to their decision. I was naive enough to believe that they all meant it.

    In hindsight, our input doesn’t seem like it was very valuable at all. After having received praise that night for his willingness to be flexible and to get this done for the people of Crookston, Mr. Briggs—for whatever reason—changed his mind again. He and Mr. Cavalier have nullified everything we accomplished as a committee and have left us without representation by blocking Mr. Plante from being seated.

    I hope that the residents of Wards 3 and 4 will get on the phone and urge their councilmen to stop playing political games, and to do what needs to be done for the city of Crookston. I also highly encourage my neighbors in Ward 6 to show up at upcoming council meetings and make sure that our voices are being heard. Until the council does its job and seats our representative, I guess we’re just going to have to go and represent ourselves.

Preston Hoiseth