The Times' Newsroom staff weigh in on what they'd like to see happen this week

Vote for your favorite soup, chili and chocolate Oct. 10

It’s that time again for the annual United Way of Crookston Soup & Chili Cookoff and Chocolate Extravaganza, and this year they’re celebrating 20 years of this fun fundraising event. Dozens of local businesses and community organizations will get together Thursday, October 10 at Crookston High School to offer samples of sensational soups, champion chilis, and tasty chocolate-y treats. The United Way provides funds to many worthy nonprofits and good causes for the betterment of the Crookston area, and they deserve another record-breaking turn-out at their cookoff. Bring the family for dinner and stay for the CHS volleyball game.

Celebrate Pirates during 2019 Homecoming Week

It’s Crookston Pirates Homecoming Week and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. First, the Pirate football team is on a winning streak with two back-to-back Ws in their pocket so their fans are looking forward to another one this Friday. Second, Crookston Public Schools are having a Homecoming-themed week with events and dress-up days. Monday is USA Day, Tuesday is Holiday Day, Wednesday is Sports Day, Thursday is Color War Day, and Friday is Pirate Pride Day. There will be Homecoming Coronation Tuesday, the annual Powderpuff football game Wednesday, students vs. staff volleyball game Thursday, and Pep Fest, Homecoming football game vs. Breckenridge, and the Homecoming dance Friday. Go Pirates!

That the cold and snow hold off a little bit longer

It is getting cold here way too fast. This will be my first winter in Minnesota since I was eight, and I don’t think I’m ready. Back in Georgia where I am from, it’s still in the 80s. In Georgia, the coldest it would ever get would be in the teens. I’ve talked to people there that don’t believe negative temperatures exist. Needless to say, the next few months will be quite a shock. I would like to see just  a few more weeks of somewhat warm weather before winter really hits, but I doubt it will happen. There is already a chance of snow at the end of the week, and I fear that once winter starts, it will never end.
– Cooper Brown, student writer

A Twins’ approach with a sense of urgency

There's so much to be discouraged and even mad about when it comes to the Twins' performance in the first two games of their American League Division Series against the Yankees, in which they've been routed twice at Yankee Stadium. First off, it's a short series; why did the coaches seemingly decide to save their best relievers until after the first game? Sure, the young guys in the Twins' bullpen have been solid over the past couple of months, but last Thursday in the bright primetime postseason lights, they looked like deer in the headlights. And, Randy Dobnak starting game two? That's crazy. There's a reason he was in Class A ball last year and working as an Uber driver to make extra money: His professional baseball prospects were limited. Just because he got batters out and rose rapidly through the ranks, did anyone think his chances of rising to the occasion with a solid performance last Friday were more than 10%? Yes, it's easy to second-guess. But the Twins approach to this series is baffling. It's like they took brought a "Minnesota Nice" approach, and that never plays in the Bronx.

A new onside kick strategy for NFL teams

NFL teams need to modify their onside kick strategy. Back in the day, when the league's brass was less concerned with player safety, an entire kick coverage team could line up on one side of the ball and get a full-sprint start so they were at full speed when the kicker doinked the ball along the ground. Both kick teams would slam into each other like molecules in a boiling atom, and the fight was on to recover the kick. Now, kick teams are not allowed to stack players on one side, and running starts are forbidden. That means the ball must be kicked differently. No more teeing it up normally, kicking the top of the ball and hoping it gets a magic high hop for the kick team to cover. Lay it at an angle on the tee and squib the heck out of that thing. The bounces the ball takes will be unpredictable, making anyone on the receiving team tense up as it approaches them. No onside kicks have been recovered by the kicking team so far this season. The number is 0 for 13. Why keep trying the same doomed strategy?