Cheers to the Veterans Community Project

    The Veterans Community Project is building homes for veterans to live in once they return to the United States. They have created a village of these tiny houses that spreads across five acres in Kansas City, Missouri.

    The Houses are only 280 square feet, but veterans say that it is perfect. Veteran Jason Kander says the houses replicate base housing in the military, and allow the veteran to feel safe and comfortable.

    The Veterans Community Project is entirely donation-based, and their goal is to set veterans up for success. CEO Bryan Meyer says the program is individually tailored to each vet, as they live in the homes, get a job, earn money, and begin to set up their life. He says that if the vets are willing to put in the work, the project will do anything they can to help.

– Coooper Brown, Student Writer

Jeers to people who can’t wait their turn in the grocery check-out line

    We get it. Everyone’s in a hurry. You want to get your groceries and get out. You either need to get home and make supper, you’re hungry and those snacks in your cart aren’t going to eat themselves, your kids are tugging on your sleeve asking for everything in the check-out lane that’s bad for them, or you’re late for an important gathering. Yes, you’re in a hurry.

    When you’re in a hurry, some times you do things that aren’t okay like speed through traffic, raise your voice to your children or forget to feed the fish. At the grocery store, it’s not okay to crowd the person in front of you that’s trying to check out with their own groceries. Yet there’s always those people that just don’t seem to get it.

    You know who I’m talking about. That lady that pulls in behind you, physically moves your groceries to the front of the conveyor so she can add her own and then moves her cart so close to your body that you could sit down in it. That lady that makes you whip out your “disappointed yet infuriated” face in front of your children. You don’t say anything, of course, because your kids are with you. But you want to…

    This happened to yours truly just the other day and it has happened plenty of other times, too. It feels like people are invading your space. Stepping into your bubble. Sort of like in the movie “Dirty Dancing” when the late Patrick Swayze’s character, “Johnny,” says to “Baby”, Jennifer Grey’s character, “This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine.” Or in the movie “The Good Dinosaur” when Ramsey, Nash and Butch are talking about personal bubbles. Ramsey: “Boundaries! This is my personal bubble.” Nash: “Nah, that ain’t your bubble, this is your bubble!” Butch: “Nash! Get out of your sister’s bubble!” Or in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” when Tuffnut says, “Get your hand off my shield!”

    Dear “that lady” or “that guy”, stay in your own space, stay out of other people’s “bubbles”, wait your turn and get your hand off their groceries. While you’re at it, back that cart up, too.

– Jess Bengtson, Assistant Editor