UMN Crookston to host a dialogue on the U.S. Constitution and the Census Sept. 17

Constitution Day is September 17 and the University of Minnesota Crookston is recognizing this day with discussion on an important provision of the Constitution: The U.S. Census. Like other educational institutions, we are committed to our public purpose, which includes educating our students and others on information critical to our democracy.

All educational institutions receiving Federal funds are required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students on or around Constitution Day. We also have an obligation to support a complete Census count. Recognizing the importance of the census and how numbers gleaned from the count are used is valuable and impacts us all. It is a critical time for us to take these obligations seriously and carry them out with the weight and importance they bring.

Understanding the Constitution and the Census are complicated endeavors. For this reason, the college and university leaders who are part of Minnesota Campus Compact chose to focus a Constitution Day Initiative on dialogue. In 2019, we are making this a priority and addressing critical issues to our democracy during a soup and substance lunch on September 17, 2019, in the Prairie Room, Sargeant Student Center, at the University of Minnesota Crookston. Participants will learn more about the role and significance of the census in the United States in a dialogue guided by Sharon Neet, professor in the Liberal Arts and Education Department.

In addition, there will be events in cities and towns across Iowa and Minnesota covering a variety of dialogue forms and methods. This one day is part of a larger effort by campuses to support the 2020 Census. It is critical that we support a complete count of our students and our communities in order to guide future public policy and resource decisions.