Cheers to the University of Tennessee

    One of Laura Snyder’s fourth grade students was exited to show his pride for the University of Tennessee on the schools “college colors” day. The student did not own a Tennessee shirt, but he decided to do the next best thing. The night before he drew his own Tennessee logo on a piece of paper, and paper clipped it to an orange shirt he had.

    Snyder said in a Facebook Post that the student was so exited to show her his Tennessee shirt, but after lunch, she saw him crying. The student told her that some of the girls at lunch had made fun of his homemade shirt. Snyder documented the situation on her Facebook page, and said that she planned to buy the student a real Tennessee shirt.

    Laura Snyder was completely blown away when her post started to go viral, with thousands of people commenting their support for the student. Her post reached the University of Tennessee itself, and they decided to send the student and his classmates UT jerseys, hats, and other gear. Snyder wrote that the student was overjoyed with all the stuff UT had sent him, but that was not all the university did.

    The university’s shop announced that they had taken the student’s homemade design and made it into a real shirt, and that a portion of the profits from the shirt will go to an anti-bulling organization. Snyder said that the students jaw dropped when she told him the university had made his design into a shirt, and that he walked taller that day.

    The shirts have already sold out. It is truly heartwarming to see the University of Tennessee go out of their way to help out a young fan, and give him an experience he will never forget.

– Cooper Brown, Student Writer

Jeers to the head referee that ruled an Alaska high school swimmer be disqualified because of the fit of her team-issued swimsuit

    Being a woman is hard. Being a teenage young lady is even harder. Your body changes rapidly, your metabolism goes up and down depending on activity or inactivity, you need to watch what you eat, you need to maintain your hygiene, and… you have to shave your legs. Regularly. Ugh. So much time and effort goes into the upkeep of the woman body. When you’re brave enough to be on the swim team in high school and have to wear a swimsuit (in public) for matches, even more thought (or anxiety) goes into how you look.

    Here comes a story of a girl on a swim team in Alaska who was recently disqualified from a win because of the fit of her “team-issued” swimsuit. The 17-year-old missed out on a heat victory at a meet on Friday because the head referee thought too much of her “backside” was exposed.

    The head referee, who is also a woman, should have thought long and hard about what she was getting herself into when she made that call. Did she think the swimmer intentionally hiked up her swimsuit? Was it before the race or after the girl won that the ref thought her swimsuit wasn’t fitting right? Did the ref follow the proper procedure for calling a disqualification?

    Lucky for the swimmer, the disqualification was appealed and overturned by the athletic association on the grounds that the official didn’t notify the swimmer’s coach about the uniform violation. It was too late, however, to stop all the comments about body shaming and too late for the swimmer to not be publicly and nationally humiliated.

    A written statement from school officials slammed the Alaska School Activities Association for making the call based solely on “how a standard, school-issued uniform happened to fit the shape of the swimmer’s body”, but that’s not enough. Step inside that teen’s mind for even a millisecond after the disqualification was announced and you might be caught up to the magnitude of how serious this actually was.

– Jess Bengtson, Assistant Editor