In a screed-in-search-of-a-point, Robert J. Otto identifies various exterminations and wonders why we’re reminded of the Jewish holocaust alone (Grand Forks Herald, August 11, “We don’t seem to note other tragedies”).

    Mr. Otto concludes other populations lack the Jews’ “good publicity people” and thus “no one cares and no one remembers.”  

    Of course, he is not correct.  In California, for example, Armenians gather for marches and demand our legislature punish their Turkish oppressors.

     Surprisingly, Mr. Otto fails to sniff out the holocaust under his nose.         

    “The Jews will not replace us!”  “The Jews will not replace us!”  Such was the spew of Unite the Right marchers during the August, 2017, Charlottesville, VA, demonstrations.  One protester rammed his car into a counter group, killing Heather Heyer and injuring nineteen others.

    Our president described uniters as “fine people.”

    In another vein, he denounced Central Americans as “invaders.”  Hardly by chance, a devotee drove eight hours across Texas to El Paso, where he killed twenty-two “Mexican invaders.”

    Quite apart from machinations of “good publicity people,” a Lutheran like myself hears “Jews will not replace us” and suddenly becomes Jewish.  Add to that the El Paso tragedy and similar ill-conceived events, and images of holocaust flood my consciousness.

    Might truth straighten this out?  Alas, in less than three years, our president has authored 12,000-plus fact-checked false or misleading statements.

    Holocausts are one thing.  How they arise is hardly a mystery.

Donald Bruce Beard

    Beard, a Reynolds, N.D. native and a UND alum, resides in California.