Cheers to all the businesses participating in Ox Cart Days’ Customer Appreciation Week

    With the 30th Anniversary of Crookston’s premiere summer festival, Ox Cart Days, arriving already next week - a new and welcomed addition will hopefully bring lots of traffic to local businesses. Customer Appreciation Week will be held at over 50 Crookston businesses with everything from one-day specials to week-long deals. Each of the participating businesses received a two foot by three foot poster to hang proudly in their storefront windows or on their walls to show they are also a part of the Ox Cart Days fun.

    The Crookston Times and Valley Shopper will have the Customer Appreciation Week specials in print, online, plus the lists will be available at Crookston hotels, on Ox Cart Days’ website, on Ox Cart Days’ Facebook and Instagram, and on KROX.

    Just some of the deals include free root beer floats, buy one get one for 99 cents blizzards, $500 off a new or used vehicle, buy one get one free subscriptions, free coffee and goodies, and many chances to register for prizes.

    Additionally, many of the participating businesses are also financial sponsors of the Ox Cart Days festival and help keep this fun event going into the future. So, CHEERS to all Crookston businesses, to all Customer Appreciation Week participants and all of Ox Cart Days’ supporters.

– Jess Bengtson, Assistant Editor

Jeers to remaking classic films to appeal to young audiences

    First off, this is not an all-out diss on remakes in general. Remaking famous films can be justified given the right circumstances.

    Remakes are growing more and more popular in American cinema. Recently, audiences were exposed to new versions of Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Aladdin and the Lion King to name a few. Others such as The Little Mermaid and Mulan are on the way.

    The line needs to be drawn on the remake of Home Alone. Disney, who purchased most 21st Century Fox property, announced the 1990 Christmas flick will hit the streaming service Disney+.

    Counterpoint: grab a snack, sit down, watch what is considered old cinema and discover how filmmaking has adapted over the years. Studios need not pander to the lazy audiences who need content sanitized and modernized. If this continues, we could be introduced to new adaptations of Gone With the Wind or The Sound of Music.

    As previously mentioned, remakes can be beneficial. For instance, The Jungle Book remake buries the original. The plot changed just enough to appear original, the characters of mostly animals are more relatable and it was showered with symbolism.

    It is possible anything worth thinking of has already been thought of, but come on.

– Nolan Beilstein, Sports Editor