On the last week of Club Kid, I wanted to keep the tradition going from last year, and take some time and thank the City of Crookston (Parks and Rec) for continuing Club Kid this year. A huge thank you to Victoria Bayliss for all her hard work with the 70 plus kids this year. Having been apart of Club Kid last year with 50 kids, I can’t imagine all the hard work this summer was. Victoria and her staff were always very pleasant and I always felt like my child was safe, so again thank you.

    Thank you Andrea Prudhomme for all your hard work on the Club Kid program, and always being there for us parents. We are very lucky to have you and this summer program for our youth.

    A very special thank you and Well Wishes too Hannah Emmanuel, Elise Erdman, and Hailey Spivey who were AMAZING Club Kid Leaders, Coaches, Cove Builders, and are off to College soon. #FuturesSoBrightYouGottaWearShades

    Thanks for the Terrific Summer to all those involved!

Nikk Caputo