Cheers to Crookston’s youth softball teams for continuing to work in the ‘offseason’

    A young athlete can improve their craft during the school year, but the substantial jumps are taken in the summer. Fortunately for children from the peewee sports all the way to high school, having fun remains a top priority when competing. But anyone who puts in the extra work in a time designated for relaxation will be rewarded.

    The Crookston youth softball teams participated in a number of tournaments over the last month. In that time, the Ponies, Bantams Team 1 and Bantams Team 2 combined for nine medals for third place or higher in their respective brackets.

    The Ponies won three times, Bantams Team 2 took gold twice and silver twice and Bantams Team 2 finished the summer with a pair of bronze medals. Each Crookston team capped off the summer placing in the top three at their home tournament.

    In an ideal world, these players will continue to play out of pure enjoyment for the game and apply that passion in order to keep improving as they near a high school roster. If this happens, Crookston softball could be in for a treat.

– Nolan Beilstein, Sports Editor

Jeers to the continued separation of migrant children from their families

    More than 900 children have been separated from their families since Trump officially ended the separations at the southern border a year ago.

    Children are still being separated “if there is a determination that the parent or legal guardian poses a danger to the child, is otherwise unfit to care for the child, has a criminal history, has a communicable disease, or is transferred to a criminal detention setting for prosecution for a crime other than improper entry” according to testimony by Brian S. Hastings, Chief of Law Enforcement Operations.

    The allowances are meant to protect children crossing the border, but when a “criminal history” can be as simple as a disorderly conduct charge, an assault from decades ago, public intoxication or a traffic violation, the separation of children from their parents becomes a horror story of the separation of families rather than a fairy tale of children who are saved from evil captors.

    Further horror stories include children that were separated from their father because he had HIV, a baby separated from their father because of an unchanged diaper and a child’s speech impediment that resulted in the family’s separation because the child could not answer the officials’ questions.     

    Child trafficking and abusive parents should be stopped at the border, but the stringent way the officials follow the guidelines has lead to children being separated and detained for ridiculous reasons.

    Jeers to the continued separation at the border under guidelines that don’t always make sense.

– Maddie Everett, Intern