Teach teens how to pay bills

Some people say teenagers “these days” are “ungrateful”, have “no work ethic” and “expect everything to be handed to them.” It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where the parents need to come in and teach kids just how much things cost and that they work hard for their money to provide for their households. Does your family have newer smart phones and an unlimited data plan? That could add up to $300 a month. Add in the $75 electric bill, $700+ mortgage, $50 gas bill, $40 water bill, $200 car payment, $200 in gasoline, $300 in food, and more per month, and that eats at a person’s paychecks pretty quickly. Sit down with your teens, before they go off to college, and show them your family’s monthly budget. Explain that they’ll have to be responsible for these things very soon and they should be grateful for the things they currently have. Once they move out and become an adult, it’s not going to get easier.

Enjoy summer swimming at the pool

The Crookston Community Pool, now run by the City, has regular open swim hours and has been offering lessons for youth all summer long. Kids of all ages are brushing up on their skills, learning new things and even daring themselves to jump into the deep end. Parents coming to watch are enjoying the comfortable atmosphere and don’t hesitate to bring out their phone cameras when their kids yell, “Hey, Mom. Watch this!” The community is lucky to have such a well-maintained pool that was taken care of by the Crookston School District for many years and will now be a part of Parks & Recreation. Bring your whole family out for some swimming fun every season of the year.

Stop reporting the obvious, that it’s really hot in July, and really cold in January

"Yes, but this is REALLY hot. Like, dangerous, life-threatening hot." OK, we'll give you that. In certain parts of the country these days, it's really, super-duper hot. And when you add in the humidity and what's now referred to as the "heat index," the numbers look even hotter and more ominous. But it's the middle of summer. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt even admitted as such when his broadcast featured a lead story on the hot weather. "Yes, we know it's July and it's supposed to be hot..." he said in his introduction. If you're too hot, try to get somewhere cooler. If it's too hot, don't over-exert yourself outside. If you're in a dangerous, heat-related situation, call for help. Check back here in January, when we'l be complaining about incessant media coverage of the extreme cold and things like the "polar vortex."

Celebrate with Northern Ireland

You know how so many people celebrate St. Patrick's Day every March 17, most of whom don't have a molecule of Irish lineage in them? Well, let's all celebrate today like it's St. Patrick's Day, one day after Shane Lowry, 32, won his first professional golf major by cruising to The Open championship at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland by five strokes. Lowry's hometown is around 180 miles away from Royal Portrush, which means it's safe to say that as you're reading this, the entire country is still celebrating. It's been more than 50 years since they held a golf major there, and the underdog city and golf course had to do a tremendous amount of work to bring The Open back. But they did it, and with Lowry winning, it's practically a national holiday.

Psst! Vikings training camp is here, but go Twins!

You may have missed it because the hype has been whisper quiet, but the Minnesota Vikings open training camp in Eagan this week. If that had slipped your mind, there's a 99 percent chance that the reason you haven't been thinking about Vikings training camp is because the Twins are still in first place in the American League Central Division, trying their best to hold off the hard-charging Cleveland Indians, as Twins fans clamor for the Twins' brass to trade for some pitching help. (RELAX! THEY WILL!) But it is training camp week, and this is a huge year for the Vikings. After being touted as Super Bowl contenders last season with the freshly signed Kirk Cousins, the prognosticators are cooler on The Purple this year as far as them making a deep playoff run. Don't buy it. This team's roster is still loaded, at least on paper. If the offensive line is even marginally better, they could be very good.