“Go back!!” where you’re from---please re-do your youth

    Learn to get along with others and to not be uncouth.

    The lessons from kindergarten augment what we learn soon after birth

    To be kind and decent to others with whom we share our one earth.

    On tiny chairs, at little tables, on a carpet or rug

    Where we learned tolerance and friendship and to share a kind hug.

    Kids are each different---on the outside and in

    We play to learn and develop and not just to win.

    White’s not a goal---ask the plain paper found on a pad.

    So fill it with rainbows and love---be creative and glad.

    Don’t focus on color or accent---don’t divide folks by race

    Differences are good things to recognize, to applaud and embrace.

    Differences are good!! ask the many “Whos” heard by Horton

    And broaden your secret transcript with courses on ethics from Wharton.

    “Go back”!!---it’s a re-do---a chance you might not expect.

    And learn about manners, inclusion, and dignity and respect.

    Kindergarten matters---wonderful people and lessons abound.

    And, if you can’t tweet about good things, it’s best to not utter a sound.                                                     

Ron Gordon - Redwood City, Calif.