Last week, in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Democratic Party introduced a House Resolution to denounce President Trump’s tweets as racist.  Our U.S. Representative Collin Peterson fell in lockstep with his caucus and voted FOR the condemnation of President Trump.

    I would have opposed that resolution.  President Trump didn’t tweet about race; he correctly stated that if you are a member of Congress who hates America, thinks we are evil, and does nothing to promote our American values, then you can leave.  I agree.  It is a great blessing and privilege to be an American.

    Collin Peterson’s Democratic Party has degraded and distorted the gravity and meaning of racism.  It was the Republican Party that was born of the desire to end slavery, and which continues today to strive to move our nation forward to be a freer and more just society.  To that end we must continue to fight for equality for all people.  Unfortunately, Collin’s party throws “racism” around so loosely, the word has lost its proper meaning and impact.

    Peterson’s vote, an attack on President Trump, places him in a difficult position come Election Day 2020.  This Seventh Congressional District of Minnesota – our western Minnesota – supports our President and his America First Agenda.  Trump beat Hillary Clinton here by 31 points, and Trump’s support has only grown since then.  Collin’s voting record in this current 116th Congress has him supporting President Trump only 14% of the time, which is lower than that of AOC.  His record is counter to the values of western Minnesotans and the end to a 30-year career in the DC Swamp for Collin Peterson.

Major Dave Hughes
Karlstad, Minnesota