We're here, and we're not going anywhere.

    It seems like the kind of phrase that some company somewhere would use as a marketing slogan, but a quick Google search doesn't seem to turn up anything. So maybe the Crookston Times should take it on as our mantra. Absolutely, we are here and we are not going anywhere.

    This is, of course, about the Crookston Daily Times earlier this spring becoming the Crookston Times. No longer a five days per week publication, we now publish print editions Mondays and Wednesdays, and we put a little area and regional news content in the Valley Shopper now, too.

    But it feels like a reminder is needed to our readers and the general public, in regard to the immediacy of our coverage. We're as immediate as ever. No longer feeling beholden at all to getting all of the latest and breaking news in our print edition first because that was the bedrock bread and butter of our business operation, our digital coverage is faster and more comprehensive than ever. Local and area news, sports, features and opinion...it's all at crookstontimes.com and our social media sites right away.

    There seems to be some rumblings in the community that people who need to get the word out about various things need to somehow rethink their strategies because the Times is no longer publishing Monday through Friday. But no rethinking is necessary. If something needs to be reported and/or publicized, we're on it, perhaps more than we've ever been.

    And our print edition has been transformed in the process. No longer eight or ten pages, it's now bigger, in the 14 to 16-page range, and it's full, full, full of local and area content on just about every page (except for the occasional national feature page highlighting food, entertainment, health or home-related topics).

    We're continuing to make changes and improvements in our coverage, too, with an e-edition in the works, which will be a cool addition for our digital readers who like to read a publication that still looks like a print newspaper.

    Apologies might be in order for writing this editorial today. After all, would you eagerly read a few paragraphs authored by your banker about the latest things he is doing, or your insurance agent, or anyone explaining how they go about their business or profession? You probably wouldn't call that riveting reading.

    But, still, it felt like maybe a reminder was needed in this space today: We're here, and we're not going anywhere.