Boy, do we have a whopper of an edition of the Crookston Daily Times in the works for you this Friday, April 26. As of this writing, it totals five sections and 66 pages.

    It's our annual Community Connections edition, which publishes on the last Friday of every April. Newspapers all over the country publish similar huge editions once a year and they give them a variety of names. In addition to filling the thick paper with some really good content, it's also an opportunity to generate some significant advertising revenue.

    The Times' version of this annual edition for many years was known as "Progress," but several years ago we changed it to Community Connections because we'd like to think that each section connects with the community in some way.

    So, this Friday, inside what will for the most part be a normal Friday edition of the Times, you'll find four sections.

    Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in them:

    • One section features Q & A-style profiles/interviews of nine people randomly chosen for any number of reasons by Times Managing Editor Mike Christopherson. You'll learn a lot more about Belinda Fjeld, Jeff Evers, Craig Hoiseth, Beth Carlson, Ben Koisti, Tara Miller, Navjot Singh Ghuman, Kristen Schwarz and John Hoffman on this section’s pages.

    • This August, Crookston will host its 30th Ox Cart Days Festival. A second section of Community Connections takes a look back at the festival's history in the community. It promises to be an interesting, enlightening trip down memory lane, led by Times Assistant Editor Jess Bengtson.

    • Sports Editor Nolan Beilstein authors the third section, and he sits down with some of the Golden Eagle student-athletes on the University of Minnesota Crookston campus who have ventured from far away to attend college and compete here.

    • The fourth section, which we call "Spotlight on Business," highlights the major advertisers in and around Crookston who make not only the Community Connections edition possible, but the Times itself possible. This section is our way of saying thanks for the support.

    As most know by now, the Crookston Daily Times is in the midst of a major transition, as we become the Crookston Times, a twice-per-week print publication – while continuing to produce digital and social media content 24/7 – starting on Monday, May 6. But one thing that is not changing is this special annual edition that we put together, known as Community Connections. We hope you especially enjoy this year’s edition, maybe so much so that you’ll become a subscriber to the Times, if you’re not one already.