I remember growing up and Crookston when there were neighborhood rinks throughout the city that had kids either lacing up there skates for a pickup game or gathering for a game of boot hockey.  

    It appears today that we have went down to one outdoor rink on the north end next to the arena which I am not certain that there is ice on the rink as I have yet to see anyone skating on it.  

    I think it is time we bring the rinks out of the wind and back into the neighborhoods.  

    With many city owned parks and properties there are opportunities to expose he youth to the experience of outdoor pickup games like I grew up on as I have seen in communities in Grand Forks and of all places even Fertile.  

    The locations that spark interest with me are Option A). the location of the old city shop by the community garden where we can make use of the building that is currently standing there, electricity is accessible, and being down the hill the rink will be sheltered from the wind.   

    Option B). The open Lot behind the community pool overlooking central park for many of the same reasons.   

     And Option C). Utilize the softball fields for example diamond 1 which already has lighting and parking near.

    We have other parks like Spider Park on North Broadway which I have heard being tossed around as an option, however we as still left with the fact of the north winds as well as chances for a stray puck finding it’s way to a passing car on Broadway.

Matt Sperling