Cheers to Crookston youth being introduced to the sport of lacrosse

    A year ago, the Crookston Lacrosse Association made an attempt to bring the sport of lacrosse to Crookston. They were unable to make it work, but a year later, the CLA held their first practice at Crookston Sports Center on Monday, March 25.

    The practices were made possible by Brent Lindstrom, who received a grant from USA Lacrosse for 20 sets of equipment, Ryan Olson, a former collegiate player at Virginia Military Institute, and his team of coaches.

    The practices proved to be worth it as their first meeting saw 33 kids in attendance. People may be quick to point out Crookston does not need another sport for children to chose from. To counter, more options seems optimal. The point of youth sports is to try as much as possible to discover what one likes while learning the skills that go along with competitive sports.

    Picking up a new sport, such as lacrosse, also goes along with the act of trying new experiences. Rather than focusing on one sport from toddler age to high school in hopes of achieving a pipe dream of playing for the top university in the country, kids will benefit more from expanding their horizons. Even if they do reach the collegiate level, it cannot hurt to develop a variety of skills along the way.

    Olson is passionate about teaching the game of lacrosse to the Crookston community, and people gravitate toward those who show such dedication for what they enjoy. So put down the football or the hockey stick for a few weeks and start getting used to going outside a comfort zone.

– Nolan Beilstein, Sports Editor

Jeers to Anchorage Daily News for the insensitive headline they used when posting about the cancelled all-female spacewalk, even if they edited it later

    The Anchorage Daily News headline that followed NASA’s, now cancelled, first all-female spacewalk ended with something about a “wardrobe malfunction” when referring to the fact that there aren’t enough spacesuits to fit the female astronauts. ADN has since edited their post to read something more “P.C.”, but that doesn’t mean that hundreds, if not thousands, of people hadn’t already seen the insensitive title and/or took a screenshot.

    One commenter on ADN’s post said they didn’t appreciate the way the term “wardrobe malfunction” plays on a stereotype about women instead of “highlighting the injustice” of the fact that the agencies responsible “didn’t properly contemplate the needs of female astronauts.”

    A NASA spokeswoman reportedly told the Washington Post, who wrote the story that was published by ADN, in an email that the women astronauts, Anne McClain and Christine Koch, now need a medium-sized hard upper torso (spacesuit shirt) and there was only one medium-sized suit on the space station ready for use.

    Apparently, only one medium space suit was “prepped” for the spacewalk and, rather than dedicate extra crew time to make another medium-sized suit worthy to be in space, NASA decided to restaff. Preparing a spacesuit can’t be an easy task, but couldn’t they have figured things out before announcing the all-female spacewalk?

– Jess Bengtson, Assistant Editor