Thank You Senator Mark Johnson for Defending Health Freedom and Parental Rights.

    Recently the subject of mandating vaccinations has become something of a hot topic.

    To begin with I must pose the question: Does someone's child not being vaccinated render another person's vaccination ineffective that you would need to force vaccinations upon those who do not want them?

    If you are concerned about the threat of disease and you have confidence in these vaccinations, then by all means you may choose to vaccinate yourself or your children.

    You have the freedom to do so! However, your choice to vaccinate does not justify imposing your own fears and opinions on others by requiring that everyone be vaccinated.

    What is truly at stake here is how this type of legislation would impact our liberties and freedoms.

    Such legislation would have a cascading effect and could easily extend much farther than we can even imagine.

    There are laws that serve the people and then there are laws that would enslave them.

    This would be one such law that would attempt to enslave us.

    There is no authority given by consent of "We The People" to our legislature to pass any such laws.

    To mandate vaccinations would be an attack on our rights as parents to make decisions regarding the health and protection of our children.

    Passing any such legislation would be a gross abuse of the power given by God and by "We The People." We as citizens should never willingly give over control of how we run our homes or raise our children to government-run agencies nor fund anything that could threaten these inalienable rights. The last thing we need is for government to dictate control over more aspects of our lives.

    We support District 1 State Sen. Mark Johnson and thank him for voting against mandating vaccinations and for standing with Minnesotans in defense of our freedoms.

Caleb Stromquist
Roseau, Minnesota