Kudos to the City for forming census committee

It's 2020 Census time, and on the national stage it's a huge issue, what with many Republican political leaders wanting to include a citizenship question on the document. Those against that move think it'll discourage non-citizens from participating, which will reduce the count of minorities in this country, and if long-term voting traditions hold true, which they likely will, that would hurt Democratic candidates' prospects at the ballot box over the long term. We have a diverse community right here in Crookston, with people who might not understand what the census is all about and how important it is. That's why it's encouraging that the City of Crookston is forming a "Complete Count Committee" to make sure all bases are covered. It's an impressive collection of people that are certain to get the job done, and get it done right.

Some empathy for spring allergy sufferers

If you don't suffer from weather or air-related allergies, continue to be thankful, please. If things starting to float around in the air with increased intensity at this time of year do react in a negative fashion with your body's biological systems, you have our sympathy, empathy, and everything else that relates to non-allergy sufferers understanding what allergy sufferers deal with. It can be a semi-minor nuisance to downright debilitating, depending on the severity of your reactions to various molds and spores in the air. There are great over-the-counter remedies available, but it's still a struggle. While most everyone longs for spring, it's tough for a lot of people out there. Here's hoping you get through it reasonably well.

Get security cameras for your business and home

If you own a business, that is your investment and it should be properly protected. The same goes for your home. It houses the people and animals you love, and irreplaceable memories in the form of photos and items passed down from family members who are now gone. People have cameras on their phones, tablets, computers, (some) TVs, and other technology devices, so why not put them up in and around your home and/or business. They’re relatively inexpensive now days, they can run off your WiFi internet connection, some have DVR recording, and most you can access through your smartphone. You never know when something could happen, so consider it.

It’s OK to be psyched for the Twins, but the bullpen?

Fans of professional sports teams like to have it both ways. They like to get to know the good players on their favorite teams and cheer for them for years, and when they depart the fans get mad. But fans also get mad when exciting new players aren't signed to play for their favorite teams. There's excitement and frustration with Twins fans heading into the 2019 season. Last year, the team's brass signed some free agents on one-year deals like Logan Morrison and Lance Lynn, and it didn't go well, to say the least. More free agents looking for rebound years have been signed this year, and fans are either thrilled or mad that ownership won't make the big splash move. But here's the thing: This Twins roster looks solid. Solid starting five, solid batting lineup. But the bullpen...not so much. Their most talented bullpen prospect, Fernando Romero, was dispatched to the minors over the weekend, which is even more ominous. The days of complete games or starters even getting to the seventh or eighth inning (or even the sixth, sadly) are over. Bullpen depth and quality and arms with some nasty stuff are crucial. The current Twins bullpen is short on all of those things.

Let the ‘promposals’ begin

Crookston High School’s 2019 Junior & Senior Prom theme “A Night of a 1,000 Lights” was just announced for the April 27 event and, while some students have already “popped” the prom question, and since promposals seem to be the new “norm”, let’s see what kind of unique ideas the students have to ask their date to the big event. Promposals are a fun way to express interest and can involve sports, hobbies, or even food. They can be big and extravagant, small and simple, or totally out of the blue. Does your future date love donuts? Put together a donut “bouquet” with a sign that says, “Donut you know… I’d love to go to Prom with you.” Want to “pop” the question loudly? Give them a handful of balloons and say you have a question to ask them, but they have to pop the balloons to find out what it is. Be as cheesy as you want. Both guys and girls like it.