This is a letter to the board and superintendent in response to the budget proposal article in the Crookston Daily Times.

    I can't even imagine the tough situations you are faced with in reducing the deficit. I would like to strongly speak out against the elimination of an administrative assistant position at Highland school. My children attend highland as you know and both Michelle and Jana are not expendable. They are the glue that holds Highland together. I would safely bet that these two are closely responsible for the extraordinary success story Highland has been for our district. I would like to urge the board not to consider eliminating one of their positions especially when considering the additional workload of adding 1st graders to the building. I'd like to propose that the district consider lobbying our community businesses and individuals for financial support and partnerships to bridge the funding gap and finding longterm sustainable solutions. Consider a burn victim...the survival rate greatly decreases as the burn area increases...well our school is in critical condition and it's high time the board get creative in funding avenues. I see a huge outpour of donations to Riverview expansion. Yes we have an aging population in our community and people are throwing money bags to support the healthy living of these wonderful community it because we like the elderly more than the children or is it because the facilities responsible for their care are actually asking for the support?

    We can't afford to lose staff. We can't afford to bandage the growing wound. We can only afford to ask for help and partnerships for long term success. Let's take care of our students, staff, and board so they can come out strong and proud of their education and community.

    Please do not consider eliminating an Administrative Assistant position at Highland.

Elizabeth Rowan